SRK's Shrine build by his obsessed fan!!

The king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, undoubtedly has millions of fans all over the world. Some can go to any extent just to make the actor feel loved and special. That’s what one of SRK’s fans recently did.

Vishal Singh,a 38-year-old businessman had every square inch of his home plastered with SRK’s pics. Not just that. He even celebrated his honeymoon outside Shahrukh’s house, just so that he could catch a glimpse of the actor.

“I will do anything that will make Shah Rukh Khan happy,” Singh told.

The obsessed fan also changed his name to Vishahrukh Khan.

“No one can be like Shah Rukh Khan, but I wanted my name to have his name. My children are named Simran and Aryan, which is his son’s name,” he said. Simran is the female lead in DDLJ, one of SRK’s superhit movies.

“My parents were very worried about me, but now they know that my love for Shah Rukh will never end,” he added.

Shahrukh Khan did make efforts to meet Vishal Singh, including on his honeymoon. SRK has promised to visit Singh’s home soon.

“I’ve been wanting to open up a store of homeopathic medicines, but I won’t open it until Shah Rukh comes and cuts the ribbon,” he said.

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