No coverage for Bachchan Baby!!!

Well, this is something surprising, which has never happened in the history of Bollywood. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) has set certain guidelines for all news channels barring their coverage of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan giving birth to her first child. Those of you expecting to get a complete coverage of the arrival of the child are in for a disappointment.

These guidelines have come into existence following a tweet by Amitabh Bachchan.

The guidelines state the following:

Pre-coverage of the event, a big NO.

Any news regarding the child’s birth, to be published/ run only once an official announcement has been made.

Story will not run on the breaking news band.

Absolute restriction of camera or OB vans at hospital or any other location related to the story.

Only when invited, channels can go for photo-op or press conference.

No MMS or photo of the child to be carried by the channels, unless issued by family.

No astrology show to be done on this issue.

No 11.11.11 astro shows to be done.

The duration of story to be around a minute/ninety seconds.

Unauthorized entry into hospital not permitted.

NK Singh, general secretary of the BEA said,

“The main purpose (of the guideline) is to make Indian electronic news media more value-based and purposeful for broader public cause. I cannot respond to your email per se but I can only tell you about the sublime purpose which the BEA is seeking to achieve.”

Another broadcaster said, “Is this self regulation or censorship? And why only for this story? Isn’t it ironic that a move which seeks to curb publicity will find a mention in all the newspapers tomorrow?”

What do you have to say about the whole drama??

31 thoughts on “No coverage for Bachchan Baby!!!

    1. You are right … in all the photos that have emerged, Ash certainly does not look like a woman in her 9th month of pregnancy!! Really looks quite strange …

  1. Singh will have take a cold shower if Singh’s sexy Kat wears a hot bikini!! Singh says the gaandu Salman is a lady in Kat’s life like her sisters!! the eunuch bastard Salman is a impotent bastard when he sees hot females like Singh’s Kat!! Salman could not please Kat !! Kat kicked Salman out of her life!!the eunuch bitch Salman only gets erect when he sees a man ass !!

  2. I am really HAPPY for Ash that she won’t have to deal with all the press but I hope they release the pictures of their gorgeous baby soon. 

    Hi all Ash fans Kitty,SHINE,Luvyna,Sonam, Prakash ,Singh is King, Neal,tina,Vanita and everybody else.

  3. I think what they are doing is absolutely right at this point. Every women in this world go through this phase and it shouldn’t be made big deal about it and this is not drama. It is the family privacy and they are just human being not a GOD. Ash is gonna go through the same process as all the other mothers go through so there is no need I think to interfere and make false information and present it to the media> it is just rubbish if the media does that. Media should focus on reality based topic rather than talking shit about someone. It is true. LLLLOL…………………… :)

  4. the paparazzi of india are  idiots!!! they have no respect for the family unit. it is great aishwarya and the rest of the family set boundaries by using sarcasm on twiiter.

  5. God bless Aishwarya & her whole family in this trying time. I am excited because the baby will be born soon<3<3 . My prayers are with her.

  6.  Mr. Bachchan did not force the media to do this. The media wised up after Mr.Bachchan tweeted certain true but unsavory tweets about news channels. It is not anyone”s business how Aishwarya handles her pregnancy. Give the lady some time with her family. If news channels don’t set some sort of guidelines they won’t know where to draw the line and they will follow Aishwarya with their cameras when she is goes into labor.

  7. Wow wow wow, what do the bachan family think they are?????  Even the a king, queen, prime minister or any other star (actors, singers, dancers, etc…) never mind showing their babies.  I think ash and the bachan think they are more than god, they are doing this to get more and more attention not the opposite.  Ash is the more snob and selfish actress I have ever seen.  She is probably the same in real life as she is in her movies.  OVER-ACTING.

    1. your a idiot!!! did they say they were kings or queen, they just want paparazzi and people to respect their privacy. would you want a camera following you everywhere?? what if you were in the delivery room about to pop out a baby?? you want a camera zooming in?

    1. Hi Sir or Miss,

      What is going is the media are is not allowed to harrass Aishwarya and her baby when the child is born. The news channels will not be able do lengthy reports on the child birth. News channel cannot carry a picture of the baby unless the Bachchan family provide it,

  8. The news media has gone overboard with their coverage on the bachchan baby…understandable when the baby is aishwarya’s first child..everyone wants to know if she is having a girl or a baby boy…the media will take the situation too far…aishwarya would not want cameras in her face while she is giving birth or after child birth…the media has made many false reports about aishwarya n her baby situation…something had to be done to make them more responsible..

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