Ra.One at the Box Office…

Ra.One may not be doing really well with the critics but the audience response to the film has been marvelous so far.

The opening day, despite being Diwali, a festival where people prefer staying at home, managed an occupancy of 90 to 100 percent. Theaters have been packed for the coming days too. With such response on the first day it self, the film is definitely cross the 100 crore mark, within a week.
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The film is playing in over 3000 screens nation wide. 500 of them are screening the movie in 3D. Single screen theaters have good equally good response.

23 thoughts on “Ra.One at the Box Office…

  1. Ra.One is too far away from real life matters. SRK Team built Ra.One movie
    keeping in mind the rocking success of famous children scientific movies like Harry
    Porter etc. Ra.One is best movie for children not for elders. For elders to watch this movie is just waste of time.Children are
    waiting for Ra.One second edition. Keep it up SRK. 

  2. Critics are divided on this film better watch it first before giving an opinion but one thing for sure srk does not the charisma to make people believe in a superhero

  3. i was going to watch today, but my friend went the first day, advise me, not to waste my money..so i just wait till the dvd, so i can watch for free…sorry srk…i think u not born with this kind of movie…love story is your thing…

  4. oh noo nooo , my kids say they want their money back!!!they didnt like it, i was so suprised, because i thought kids gonna love it but they told me , its tottaly different, from the trailer…so i guess the movie is not good, my wife, said she was sleeping after watching chamakchalo song…

  5. thumbs up King Khan… we know u are doing well, becos we are the recipient of wht u do..Let them keep criticizing, thats what their mouth is meant for, while u will keep, Moving forward unto success upon success..its either they celebrate with u or hug Electricity

  6. Easy for them to critize he put eveything he had despite the first indian super hero so who cares abt wat the critics said the ppl spoke n apprecited n that is alot to him n his fans…gud job king khan

  7. Am not a fan of SRK and i think srk has done a step above for showing the world that india is the best in technology and tehy could do superhero film.  by the way am not an Indian and i appreciate SRk for the Ra. 1 movie

      1. yeah , but i dont think, people gonna watch the rest of the week and the weekend, people has already give bad reaction, it may be a hit the 2 days, but the rest , i dont think so…let’s wait and see

  8. bakwash there is nothing to watch ……..in the name of script there is nothing ………….better play a video game at your home……………..chutiya lagta hai ……………

    1. terminator is not a hindi film………Will India be ever able to make a film like Terminator? but at least SRK had try?  To critic its easy but to make it it’s difficult

    2. Atleast he got the balls to stand up n risk everything he had to make a movie like this wich was never been made b4 plus he did an outstanding job if u dnt like then keep to u r self.

      1. Oh please make something that will suit him. His looks like a fool playing this superhero. Iam entitled for my opinions if you cant handle criticism you can go f#$k urself. What r u SRK bitch??

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