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What are your expectations from ‘Mausam’??? Also tell us what you think of Shahid Kapoor look as a fighter pilot??

9 thoughts on “Have your say…

  1. WOW luking great boththe S’s gud pairing..i’m sure it will be a nice romantic movie after a long time….but i’m just luving the pairing….gud choice

  2. it is going to be superhit film of 2011. Shahid looks great in all avatars so he looks damn sexy and hot in all the MAUSAM. cant wait to watch the film. First show……..

  3. not really !!!!as bodyguard…..let see but i heard people said, its not nice as we see …any way im not going to waste my money the first day, im gonna wait, to make sure its a good movie, because both of the actors are boring…

  4. SO excited! I think it’s going to be a HIT. It looks WAY better than any of the other movies that have come out this year. This is how bollywood used to be! Can’t wait, Sonam and Shahid will do amazing!¬†

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