Bollywood Poll: Bebo or PC for 'Heroine'???

Who would have made a better heroine for Madhur’s film ‘Heroine’???

Kareena Kapoor or Priyanka Chopra???

67 thoughts on “Bollywood Poll: Bebo or PC for 'Heroine'???

  1. Priyanka chopra is the most fake actress.  Bugged up of her overacting and behaving like a little kid.  This lady is just in the industry because of her strong PR. She can do anything to remain in news.

  2. I ma fed up of looking at Kareena Kapoors face every where, movies, posters, blogs, etc etc ,every where you look you can see her pic cant Karishma come back pleaseeeeeeeeeeee ……..

  3. if it weren’t for the movie fashion.. my opinion would have been directly stirred to kareena but now i see both of them as bold actresses. i personally rooted for ash to do this movie & was crossing my fingers for her to still be part of the cast! but i guess  it’s a win win situation here. kareen got chosen and i can see her pull this one off & and as for priyanka.. she would have done good too but looking at the big picture, both parties are gonna be busy coming out with big blockbuster movies! Don 2, Agneepath etc etc. :)

  4. wait 4 aishwarya …kareena will give her over the top acting with her haughty look on her face that so many people get bugged out with

  5. wait 4 aishwarya …kareena will give her over the top acting with her haughty look on her face that so many people get bugged out with

    1. ash rai is over and done with…she’s too old now to get leading lady roles in bollywood which only likes 20 something women

      1. @ Gurinder nd Mystic 
        wait a minute dude..she is preggars that is why she is not doing movies..if she wasn’t pregnant they had signed her for heroine already..raj kumar santoshi’s next..she had many big banners willing to take her.what’s your problem she is in her 30s about our heroes srk.salman..akshay running around with ladies half their age like anuksha..asin .is that ok dude?..stop having a chauvinistic like salman and srk especially act like 20 somethings on screen.acting like they are teenagers..that is the limit..they are 40 don’t give me that age crap unless you figure the middle aged men here..why you indian men have such a backward mentality..

  6. Hahah i laughing about how people are saying that Kareena is overrated and does overacting. 1. She is the least overrated actress in revcent times, she is only known for her acting as well as being Karishma Kapoors sister, which is very hard to live up to, which she has done brilliantly justice to. 2. Overacting??? O please! Every performence she gives gets her an award or an nomination, yes she did do overacting about 5 years agom but after Chameli, Dev and Omkara those days are over. And have someone seen Priyankas previouse movies, it’s more overacting there then in Kareenas previouse movies. She even overacted in 7 khoon maaf.

    An overrated actress in Katrina Kaif, who had gotten the status “actress” whitout even acting in any movies.
    Bebo forever!! <3

  7. def NOT BEBO!!! freaking overacting whore she has no standards no class .. PC would def be the better choice because shes a million times better acton than than that piece of shit .. 

    1. the word whore would best describe pc who had to enter and make it in the industry as an outsider. so lets not get into this whore discussion at all. coz that would offend you as a pigy lover. she is out to ruin married lives to get what she wants. that makes her the industries biggest whore.

  8. This si just a stupid question, no doubt that Kareena is the best choice, why? Because she can do any role yoy offer her, and everyone is awardwinning. From Omkara to Jab we met to 3 idiots and Kurbaan. She is faboulous. PC was good in Fashion, that’s it, nothin else. She had her chances in 7 khoon maaf but she blew off such a good opertunity because she isnæt as good as Kareena!!

    Kareena the best!

  9. That ugly liar, ash lie, got kicked out….it’s what she deserves…the old ugly hag also needs to be dropped from Loreal…no more Cannes for that trashy woman

  10. I think it should have been Priyanka becaue shes good at all of that stuff because she did Fashion so she knows whats coming. But I think that Kareena over acts and she is not that professional.

  11. Aishwarya is the right choice <3<3 , I am sad she is no longer doing the movie .The next best option is the beautiful Piggy Chops, Kareena is annoying & over rated.

    1. Yes your soo right :) The only heroine is the gorgeous AISHWARYAR RAI <3 – But Kareena will make a better heroine for the movie than Priyanka 😉

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