Penelope Cruz in Bollywood, opposite Aamir Khan???

There is a strong buzz doing the rounds in the industry, that the makers of Dhoom 3 are signing a top Hollywood actress opposite Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3. The Hollywood actress that we are talking about is none other than the very very gorgeous Penelope Cruz. Natalie Portman and Eva Longoria have also been in talks with the makers.

Looks like the makers of the film are all set to take the Dhoom franchise to the global level!

Aamir, is the baddie in the film. He say’s that the script of Dhoom 3 is very very interesting and super impressive, and so, taking the film has every reason to go on the international platform.

18 thoughts on “Penelope Cruz in Bollywood, opposite Aamir Khan???

  1. zavah and her harami mom are the sluts  .. it runs in the family ..old pickled always discharging stinky rotten hairy bushy and acne on pussies….filthy and nasty street hookers ..bloody pig fucking cunts !!!

  2. Hope Aditya Chopra won’t make this mistake to star Hollywood celebrities…Otherwise I can pretty much predict that Dhoom 3 will be a flop like Kite.

  3. what a joke! two of the oscar winner actresses in a shitty bollywood movie?????????????? it will not even happen in amir khan’s dream..

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