3 lakh bricks and Sallu "Paji"!!!

It’s a known fact now, that Salman Khan has a heart of gold.

Recently, the entire ‘Bodyguard’ team were in Patiala, shooting for the film. One of the official from the city Gurudwara requested Salman Khan for funds , to reconstruct the Gurudwara wall. The kind hearted Sallu promised to contribute a certain amount.

As soon as the actor reached Mumbai post the shoot, he kept his promise by donating 3 lakh bricks to one of the trustees of the Gurudwara.

A source said, “Yes Bhai did this as he was told that they would require that many bricks to repair the complete boundary of the Gurudwara.”

Salman’s a true angel!!

49 thoughts on “3 lakh bricks and Sallu "Paji"!!!

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  3. Salman has big GOLDEN HEART…..he helps and donates a lot of money……
    no bollywood STAR…….donates as much money…….as SALMAN……he is simply the best……… :->

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  5. that’s wat d meaning of a true human being,,,d way he does charities = unspeakable,,,,,hat’s of 2 sallu 4 his kindness,,,,i mean in today’s world” nobody wants 2 donate” even a single rupee 2 others,,nd this man is doing all of that,,,

    that’s y i admire,,respect,adore,,him alot.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    doesnt matter wat few ash fans nd srk’s fans say abt salman,,,,we simply dnt care,,,

    they(tina,singh is king,shinept,neal,nd others) r nothing 2 judge sallu,,,,d god will decide nd d way salman helps poor nd needy ones,,salman will go 2 heaven ,,when he will die,,god is seeing all of that,,,may god bless this god’s star “”SALMAN KHAN””,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Being_Human,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    3. aww jaaaaaa I love the way you talked abt salman, I tottaly agree with you, he’s really kindhearted, nobody is like him, he’s awesome!!!
      people who says something bad abt him, are just jeaulous, obviously when they know that he’s the superstar of Bollywood and tht he’s the high paied actor!!!
      And yeah the truth is tht salman is an way better then srk, I love srk too, he’s my second favorite actor, but sallu stays the best!!! <<3333

  6. How much is 3 lakh??….anyways…what else would you expect from a man of gold…inside AND out…..even though he reigns bollywood…salman still knows how to keep respect…it does not only take sexy looks and a charming personality to create this symbol…afterall what also makes up salman is his sweet heart…where else can you find an actor like this???…love ya salman!!!…mwah mwah mwah

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