Katrina Kaif's love for designing…

Katrina Kaif is one multi talented female in B town. News has it that the actress has personally gone shopping for clothes for the song “Dhunki” and now he pretty lady is all set become a designer for the next YRF film, where she will be seen pairing up with the King Khan. Well, this isn’t something new for Kats. The actress did shop for clothes and accessories, in the past as well.

say’s Kats to a daily, “I was always interested in fabric, clothes and designing. Maybe I would have been a designer by profession, if I didn`t start acting. For the rock-chick look in ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’, is not the first time I went shopping for my own clothes and accessories.

I dress minimal and unfussy. So deciding my own clothes for my characters is not a big deal.”

YRF film with Shahrukh will see Kats in a totally different avatar unlike the rock chick look that she dons IN MBKD. Katrina will be seen in elegant and graceful dresses.

19 thoughts on “Katrina Kaif's love for designing…

  1. Singh is pleased Singh’s sexy Kat is paring with King Khan N Singh don care what she wears Singh’s Kat will look hot N spicy in anything!!

      1. lady why are u jealous of Singh’s sexy Kat?? Singh’s Kat is a sexy gal N angelic!! she does not have hiv !! Singh says u should stop being jealous of her beauty!!


    1. sal is an unsettled playboy,not a gay, if you know the meaning?! there are plenty of curvy cute girls in uk.she is the cheapest version what indians can get.welcome to real world….bonding can develop truly with a mother and child.she may forget that after a VODAKA………

    2. u00a0Hello bro Singh is sure all ladies will throw out the eunuch bastard Salman he don know how to please the ladies!! he is a impotent bastard!!

  3. u00a0Does that make her a designer if she goes shopping for her own clothes ??? Hahhaa…. how ridiculous… So we all are designers then…A designer is someone who creates and designs and not one who buys the ready made clothes..

    1. what is her talent? she does noy know how to act,how to choose boy friends,.perhaps she can hire some one from london to create brit fashion in india.eventually we can say quit INDIA.u00a0

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