What's Katrina doing at the Line Of Control??

Katrina Kaif is at the Line Of Control in Rajouri district. She arrived by road from Jammu, to the Army mess in Rajouri, on Tuesday, to visit the men in uniform.

The actress will spend three days with the army jawans, as a part of a telly show. Kats had a blast with them, sharing their lunch and also grooving with them.
Kats started the event by planting saplings in the compound, following it with a firing session rope climbing and river crossing exercise with the army officials in the range.

The jawans were overjoyed when their Sheila danced to two entertainment programs, that were organized for her.

5 thoughts on “What's Katrina doing at the Line Of Control??

  1. Singh’s Kat is sexy and a dutiful lady Singh’s spicy N sexy Kat was there to lift their spirits !!Singh made a spelling mistake on the first one!! nu00a0

  2. may be she was there to see her father’s native place as she claims her father is a kashmiri muslim and the jawans must have got an entertainment from their daily routine

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