Aishwarya Rai keeps director Raj Kumar Santoshi waiting!!!

Madhur Bhandakar went on a heroine hunt after hearing the news of Aishwarya Rai’s pregnancy. However, director Raj Kumar Santoshi, who has roped in Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan for his film ‘Ladies And Gentlemen’, is in no mood to replace his lead pair.

The director is very adamant on having Ash in the film and so he is ready to wait for the actress until she is fit to hit the sets.

However, a big question is that, will Ash return to Bollywood, after dilevery??? It’s a know fact that the Bachchans always choose family over anything else, chances are that the actress has bid Bollywood, alvida!!!

89 thoughts on “Aishwarya Rai keeps director Raj Kumar Santoshi waiting!!!

  1. she will return soon..she can’t leave all her fans that are waiting to watch her new movies.i will watch some of her movies on dvd when i miss her screen presence for now.

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  4. Ash is the queen of Bollywood and of course she is coming back to the movies , I read somewhere Abhishek said it is her choice if she wants to return and he will support her , wow what a sweetheart!

  5. Bachchans do chose family over anything & that is the way it is supposed to be.Aishwarya has already been offered 3-4 movies so she will be back & I will miss her in the mean time & I am luking forward —> to seeing her bundle of joy in November,Aishwarya is the rani of our hearts & God bless her & be with her in pregnancy.

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  8. Everyone is willing to wait for the dream beauty Aishwarya , I hope she will make a comeback after maternity leave which is possible she never followed other people in what she does ,she takes her own path, one of the other things I love about this lady.

  9. I hope not…so sick of her fake and plastic face….Need some new faces in Bollywood. No offence to Aish but maybe she should just concentrate at being a good mommy now.

  10. Aish rai will still get movies even if she delivers 5 babies lol india loves this woman of substance she has made indians proud

  11. Aish rai will still get movies even if she delivers 5 babies lol india loves this woman of substance she has made indians proud

    1. Namaste Miss.Luvyna,nnI would love to see more of her toou00a0 ,we are willing to wait to see more of the last female superstar Aishwarya.

      1. Namaste bare bhaiyya, we’ll her but if she chooses her family life it will be her priority so either of her decision is honorable… Still we will get to see and read about her she will always make news.

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