Bollywood Poll: Can't wait to watch!! Aarakshan or Bodyguard???

Which movie you are waiting to watch, this August???

Aarakshan, release date: August 12th
Bodyguard, release date: August 31st.

155 thoughts on “Bollywood Poll: Can't wait to watch!! Aarakshan or Bodyguard???

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  2. Sorry but i only watch salman’s movies…i have no clue about the bollywood world…except the most famous and most popular btown actors…that only includes katrina, kareena and salman!!!!

          1. Bachaw …. Bachaw … !! oiiii maaaaa.:)lolllnchee-chee keeron ki chatni mujhe vomiting ho jayegi boss,,dnt say that again,,yuckkkkkkk…..that means u watch Man Vs wild. isnt that?:)))nu hve that wid naan or naani G..hahahahahaha

    1. tu yaha ka muk-hiya” laga hain kya jo tujhe pehle he pata chal gaya ki film flop hogi…haa Ra-1 jarur flop hogi..hahahahahahaha..chal 11 number ki bus pakad or cut le yaha se …hipeeeeeeeeeee

    2. tu yaha ka muk-hiya” laga hain kya jo tujhe pehle he pata chal gaya ki film flop hogi…haa Ra-1 jarur flop hogi..hahahahahahaha..chal 11 number ki bus pakad or cut le yaha se …hipeeeeeeeeeee

  3. A Blessed and Peaceful Ramadaan to all u00a0Muslim Friends on Celebden.u00a0May this time of introspection and abstinence draw you closer to our Creator, and may you experience unity in its fullest with brethren around the globe.u00a0Blessings upon you and your families.u00a0

  4. u00a0only old pen*s uncles or flowering homos subh or mark and trannies like zavah or indira would watch this movie

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        2. u00a0your da flowering homo i am straight got that homo uncle? now get put flowers in your hair and prostitute yourself

  5. bodyguard is probably a copy from a american movie , but ill still watch it cuz of salman but i’m for the other movie too. sooo yeahhh

  6. All time blockbuster movie………… Bodyguard…………… and those who r jelous of salman’s charismatic personality are also welcome……….. Stop jelousing and watch Salaman………….. As he proves himself…………………

    1. just shut ur mouth Gujrati Laddu”hahahahah…bundi k laddu bolle toh gujratti hote hain….they dnt hve brains..hahahahahaa

    2. u stupid neal patel , u are just jealous….nobody want uu00a0 to watch salman ‘ movies, LOOSER, like u…..salman is the best….

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  7. bodyguarf ofcourse i ve been south version and it was nice so hindi would be mast dhamaka by salman khan i live in belgium and im going to other city to watch this movie just for salman and going to meet him soon!!!!!!

          1. devadasi”…hahahahah,hohohohoho..u rock…muaahhhhhh loved it:)…devdasi budhi amma bolle toh baap tina vinita cad hain..lalalalalalalala..xoxoxxoxoxoxo

  8. Aarakshan. Bodyguard is the same old crap Salman Khan does all the time – action film with a pretty girl on his side. ugh.u00a0

  9. No uncle movie for me so I will choose u00a0arakshan … I leave the old uncle movies for those who have no taste or frustrated people with no life ……

          1. Alt least no one will suffer fromu00a0eye problems,that’s y i m Saying u that go watch sallu’s movies,,,u will feel like u r on heaven.hahahaha,,if u will watch aishtray’s shitty movies u will feel like u r on hell..hahahahah.booooo,boooo

          2. No thank I prefer to see movies of actors no hijra movies for me keep them for yourself hahahhaaa….

          3. dude seriously u guys r from differnt world 4 sure..i mean in every topic u guys bring this Gay word…now i hve a little bit doubt on u..booooooooo..booooooo..boommmmmmm..nnfor subh” only gud movies rullz,,nd gud movies bolle toh baap sallu ki hoti hain….nd bad movies 4 u n Aishtray’s fans..bad means gay movies..lalalalalalaal..boommmmmmmmmmm,,dhudhummmmmm…

          4. Bollywood has survived without your homo dog and will do so … Where was your dog these last 10 years ????? He gave only flops isn’t it??? Now he had 2 hits so what??? ..

          5. homo dogo is srk.loll:) u00a0nWhere was your dog these last 10 years ?????—he was giving block-busters or kya?:)no hello dude who told u that sallu gave only flop’s?,u must be kidding dude,hahahahannhe has 39 hits so far in his whole carrier nd srk has only 31 n aamir has 15..u dnt believe me naa?go check out bollywood’s websites.coollllllnnow just mark my words in ur copy bodyguard” also gonna blockbuster.:)

          1. that is u ,ullu k pathey,,jyada dimag ki dahi naa kar, nahi toh dunga tere kaan k niche ek,shaddi k 10 din baad uthega main kaha hu,main kaha hu bolte hue..:).hahahahahaha.bache now keep shut ur bloody mouth,,yuckkkkkkk…boommmmmmmmmm:)

          1. Life is cool am joining university soon so am preparing to leave my parents to stay in another city…

          2. Life is cool am joining university soon so am preparing to leave my parents to stay in another city…

    1. who care if u dont watch it, we dont want people like u watching salman ‘s movies, u dont deserve it….so save your breathn

      1. I don’t care for your one cent u00a0comment keep it for yourself may be you can buy a condom for your wellness someday……..

    2. who care if u dont watch it, we dont want people like u watching salman ‘s movies, u dont deserve it….so save your breathn

    3. who care if u dont watch it, we dont want people like u watching salman ‘s movies, u dont deserve it….so save your breathn

  10. We are waiting for BODYGUARD we need Action Triller Movie only Sallu can make us happy Like this Making type of movie we love a lot for sallu…..

  11. who cares 4 Aarakshan?……aao G baau G…baaki sab bakwaas hain G..Bodyguard Rullzz G..:P.coolllllllllllllllllll

  12. Bodyguard, noo second opinions about that!! Kareena and Salman= BLOCKBUSTER!!nn

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