Check out the new song from 'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan'..'Dhunki'!!

Come September 9, together, Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif are all set to rock at the box office. One of the most awaited romantic filck from the Yash Raj banner, is all set to release this September.

We will see a totally new Katrina Kaif, the rocker chick! Talking about Kats performance in the film, Imran told a tabloid, “I think Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is going to be a very, very relevant film for her; it’s going to be a very big film for her. The way she has worked on her character and worked on herself for this film is going to show people what she is capable of.”

Check out Katrina Kaif in the new song from the film.

Like her look???

15 thoughts on “Check out the new song from 'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan'..'Dhunki'!!

  1. I’am just freakin annoyed. This idiot keeps geting a hit movie. Every single time. Where as a better actress such as Priyanka Chopra are a flop at the box office. (Anjanni Anjanni, Saat Khoon Maaf ) Current and without a doubt, she is the most bankable female actress inu00a0Indian cinema, and she is not Indian, has no acting skills, and looks average. Seriously why is bollywood going?u00a0

    1. exposing…that is the better word to say about hit….the indian men des not know the original white girls…ha….ha….live in get a bite.

  2. The ripped jeans are just too cool… Yes she can’t act and only her fair skin has taken her here… So what???? She still gets films and is brand ambassador of many big names how come ??? Are indians so foolish???

  3. typical brit!! she does not know how to act ,people are crazy to wait for her filim.any women from india can create that look in this modern world.look at kajol…

      1. brit girls wore that type of jeans,drink…. dance….howmany of you accept an ordinary indian girl in that way.try what the same a classical dancer i can easily say acting is inbron.i did not look at her look.plse read again.i do knowu00a0 some of you look at curves.even in indian street you can find more curvy cute girls.

  4. awesome song!!ncan’t wait for the movienomg katrina looks hilarious as a ‘rocker chick’ or whatever you wanna call itnand then she gets arrested at the end….wtf

  5. She ( Katrina Kaif) can’t act I just don’t understand why its a most awaited romantic filck of the year….u00a0

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