"My relationship with John Abraham is over for good": Bipasha Basu…

Actor John Abraham had recently spoken about his past relationship with Bipasha Basu, on national television. Now, buzz that is doing the rounds is that Bipasha Basu is completely heart broken. On hearing this, Bips has furiously reacted to the media reports saying that it is sheer waste of time talking about past relationships.

“Waking up to stories about my life everyday is no fun! Making me sound tragic when I am in a happy place is not ok with me! (sic)” Bipasha posted on her Twitter page.

Thought John chose to remain silent about his eight years long relationship, It was Bipasha who had admitted that she had parted ways with him. However, John blurted out everything the famous Simi Garewal’s talk show “India’s Most Desirable”.

“Wht happens between 2 ppl is supposed 2 stay between d 2 when its over, that’s d dignity that I have grown up with and the respect I deserve. I dn’t need to be on a talk show 2 prove my goodness!My relationship with John Abraham is over fr good, fr reasons knwn best to d both of us,” Bipasha tweeted.

“My break up happened almost a year ago! Why r these stories coming up now? Is it a pr exercise for a film or over imaginative journalism?” she added.

The couple parted ways long time back, though the news reached the media ears only on May this year.

8 thoughts on “"My relationship with John Abraham is over for good": Bipasha Basu…

  1. she is snapping on…………..DEEPIKA………..completely……about da talk show thing…and publicity dtunt thing..bcs deepika and Johns film is coming out..

  2. john is probably gay…he didnt wanna marry her. he is old now and he should stop with the looks the world knows he is hot. and get his life going. he annoys me. damn. bips is right he wants to talk about it in public cuz he wants attention. move on!

  3. If John wanted wanted to marry Bipasha he would of a long time ago, comingn from my perceptive as a male he was waiting around for something bettern to come along!u00a0

  4. who care. you both were just acting to be together anyway. if it was true love, after all these years you would have learnt to compromise, respect and love.u00a0

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