Ashmit Patel beats up Imran's friend…

The latest addition to the list of Bollywood drunken brawls is Ashmit Patel, younger brother of actress Ameesha Patel.

News has it that Ashmit Patel beat up one of Imran Khan’s close friend and makeup man, Vicky in the wee hours of Saturday, at around 2.15 am precisely. Vicky was immediately rush to a hospital and has been diagnosed with a fractured nose, apart from other superficial bruises.

It all started when Ashmit began to poke Vicky and his friend Amin, for no particular reason. According to a source, “Vicky does not know Ashmit, neither professionally nor at a personal level.”

On questioning Patel’s actions, the actor lost his cool and started bashing up Vicky. Ashmit wasn’t alone. Very soon, 12-15 of his friends joined him in the fight. It was Vicky’s girlfriend who finally called the bouncers for help.

Say’s an eyewittness, “But it was too late. Pooja was horrified seeing Vicky bleeding the way he was,”

Added the witness, “Ashmit was in a very aggressive mood. He was trying to bully people in the nightclub. He just wanted violence.”

A source very close to Vicky says, “Vicky lost at least three-four litre of blood. His journey from Parel to Borivali made him extremely groggy. Pooja stayed with Vicky, until he was finally operated in a hospital in Borivali.”

Imran Khan’s official spokesperson, on being informed about the incident, said, “What happened is extremely unfortunate. Imran is not in town. And he doesn’t know about this. But if he were here, he would have been very upset. Vicky is very close to him. Imran and Vicky have been working together since Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. They are also extremely close friends.”

If all this is true, we seriously hope a strict action is taken against the actor.

14 thoughts on “Ashmit Patel beats up Imran's friend…

  1. He took his role in fight club too seriouly. I think it’s a desease, some people just need to fight it provides them adrenaline… I am from France and here I hear a lot of similar stories. It’s sad but true, people should join professional boxing…

  2. What is going on with these Bollywood stars ? they are in a place of power and they should give a better example for the fans that are watching them.

  3. yennYes, he should be charged and sentenced a term for this. This is uncalled for. These actors are getting out of hand because they are used to treating people like garbage. set an example and punish him.u00a0nnn

    1. i think u r right dude…..Ashmit(he) has no rights 2 beat ppl..if i m not wrong he was bullying Vicky’s friend? if it is true, police should taken immediate action against Ashmit” 4 this kind of behaviour…nyaa i do agree wid ur thoughts…..nnabb agla number Shinekumarpt” ka aane wala hain…or main yahi scene shineGaypt” k saath karunga…hahahaahahahahah

    1. areh yaar ashmit was one of d participant of bigg-boss season-4…abb kuch yaad aaya Gajhni samia”hahahahahahaahah

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