Have your say… Your views on Singham…

Will Ajay Devgn’s upcoming flick Singham outshine Dabangg??? Share your views below…

28 thoughts on “Have your say… Your views on Singham…

  1. Ajay is a great actor. I’m sure this movie will do very well, maybe not as much as Dabangg, but it’s not going to be a flop either. Ajay’s acting is much better than Salman, so for me, I’ll probably enjoy it more than Dabangg. nnCutiiee.x and Tamerelapute, you can’t hate or love someone without knowing them personally. Hating or loving someone just because of the way they look is just stupid. There is alot more to a person than just looks. You should like actors/actresses for their acting skills. So stop fighting people.

  2. You ROCKKK Ajay!!! Forget about the haters. Luvin your new look! Makes my heart go ………………………… This movie will be a hit!

      1. Oh shut up. Have you seen his body?? It’s just as good as Sallu’s, if not better. Mmmm… he is GORGEOUS!! Your just jealous.

        1. jealous of what im not saying that i like salman i hate him but i don’t like ajay either so im not saying salamn is better im saying that ajay just fuckin copy that movie n he looks like a gorrila or something

          1. Well I think this gorrila is HOTTTT!! Sizzling!! That’s my opinion, don’t care what you think. :)

          2. haha a gorilla is hot seriously i think u have a problem but it’s alright u can think wathever u want u still gonna be dumb to think that ajay devgan is hot and singham is gonna be a hit though thi movie is gonna be a big flopp

          3. Whatever dude… Ajay worked really hard to get that ripped body. Bet you can’t even make one of your arms like that. Seriously… people these days don’t appreciate the effort these actors put towards their apperances. You will NEVER be as good as him. In ya face sucka.u00a0

          4. i don’t want to be like him coz im a girl sooooo…….u00a0nn seriously i don’t give a damn if he work hard coz seriously he shouldn’it have worked hard for a flop but anyway singham a BIG FLOP but still good luck

          5. You can’t say it’s a flop because it hasn’t even come out yet. Don’t know what you have against Ajay and this movie. Singham might not be a superhit but it seems to look good in the trailer and all. It could be an average movie. I hope it does well so I can rub it in your stuck up face.

          6. well we’ll see but sorry i think u don’t look at the trailers properly becoz it’s all bull shit but still u really have to like ajay devgan to think that singham is gonna be average movie but still good luck bitch ;)n

      2. Oh shut up. Have you seen his body?? It’s just as good as Sallu’s, if not better. Mmmm… he is GORGEOUS!! Your just jealous.

  3. Ajay is ugly c*nt u00a0i wonder how he became actor !!! he should stop acting and keep himself busy licking kajol’s black pickled pu$

  4. nobody is gonna like this tough everybody s’gonna see it he just copy dabang like a new girl in a movie (the girl is so ugly) he do he stupid actions getting out of a car who is working ohh please this movie s’gonna be F**KIN SH*T


  6. I am not sure whether this movie will be a hit but these days you can’t tell the audiences choices any movie can be a hit.

  7. He is so talented this one.I don’t know if it’s gonna outshine dabangg,but I can say with confidence that there will be hell of a lot better acting in it,that says much co’s I love Salman,but it’s the truth.

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