Vidya Balan crosses limits for 'Dirty Picture'…

Ekta Kapoor’s, Dirty Picture, has Vidya Balan cross her boundaries to take on the disguise of a bold, sexy personality like Silk Smitha. The actress had to shoot for a smoking sequence in the movie, recently.

Since this was the first time Vidya smoked, it was really tough for her. She started coughing due to uneasiness, after the fourth cigarette, due to which, shoot of the film was halted for a few minutes.

According to sources, “Vidya had been in Hyderabad recently to shoot a smoking scene. And they revealed that by the time the sequence was Okayed by the director, the actress had smoked nearly 10 cigarettes!”

Dirty Picture is one of the most awaited films of the year. It tells about the life of the Southern bomb, Silk Smitha who died a lonely and a tragic death.

7 thoughts on “Vidya Balan crosses limits for 'Dirty Picture'…

  1. how come an intelligent and brillant actress likeu00a0her smoked just for the sake of the film ? she can also pretend to do so n

  2. so after 10th clop she could finally smoke and we must admire her courage ? What a goodu00a0message ekta is sending to jawaans and ladies shame to her ever heard of artificial cigs poor mind

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