Shahid-Bipasha, the new Bollywood couple!!

Bipasha Basu’s secret is out!!!

News has it that the Bong babe and the cutie Shahid could be the new hot couple of B-Town. Her good friends have been talking about the new mystery man in her life for weeks now, but the dusky actress has so far only admitted to dating “someone new”, refusing to reveal his identity.

Says a source, “For over a month now, Bipasha has been talking about a very sweet guy in her life. She’s been telling friends that he’s an eligible young man and has been showering her with gifts and some much-needed attention. She’s been gushing to her friends about how “sweet and affectionate” he is. Bips maintains that while they are not serious yet, he’s been wooing her persistently and she’s basking in the warmth of his adoration.”

Well, Shahid and Bips have been bonding well lately. Thanks to their common interest – fitness – they got introduced by Shahid’s trainer Abbas.

The duo got along like house on fire, so much so that Shahid invited Bipasha to a special party hosted for very close friends at his newly renovated Andheri pad.

What do you think about this new jodi???

11 thoughts on “Shahid-Bipasha, the new Bollywood couple!!

  1. I agree with Nani that Bipasha is better then other actress for shahid.I am the biggest fan of Shahid Kapoor.& nowu00a0 Shahid is also looking a meature person.n

  2. She will look like his mother or older sister. She’s way too old looking for him. He needs someone young and fresh looking, cos he’s very boyish looking himself. Anyways, Bips has an addiction to F*cking around, so it’s not gonna be long before she cheats on him.

  3. If the news is true, then Shahid is very lucky to have a nice Bengali girl like Bipasha Basu who looks glamorous from the outside but a good homemaker from the inside.

  4. Nah, can’t see this being long-term.  I’m sure Shahid can do better.  Why does he always seem to be linked to girls who r much more ‘fast paced’ – he needs someone like Amrita Rao – they make such a cute pair!

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