Salman Khan helps Mugdha Godse get back her dead money…

Salman Khan is ever ready to help. Recently, it was the lucky Mugdha Godse who was helped my the man with a golden heart.

Mugdha had worked in the Percept Picture Company’s film Jail, directed by Madhur Bhandarkar in 2009. However, she had not got Rs. 6 lakhs of her acting fee from the project all this while. Mugdha had approached the production house a number of times with the request to clear the payment, but got back little more than empty promises and assurances.

Now, two years after she worked in the film, Mugdha took the last resort and asked Salman Khan to intervene to help her get the money back. She met Khan at a celebrity cricket match a few weeks back and made the request. Salman immediately swung into action and met the PPC honcho Shailendra Singh who was at the same match and discussed the matter of Mugdha’s stalled payment.

Shailendra Singh obviously couldn’t ignore Salman’s word and within hours Mugdha got the paycheck.

Mugdha is delighted after receiving the long due money and says Salman Khan is “a real hero” for her.

56 thoughts on “Salman Khan helps Mugdha Godse get back her dead money…

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  2. Going by the kind of stupid protest by stupid audience in India surrounding the screening of  Delhi Belly, this site should have shut down a long time ago. What’s wrong with you lot down there?

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