Is Joker About Super Heroes or Aliens?

Rumors are ripe that the Akshay Kumar-Sonakshi Sinha starrer and the Shirish Kunder directed Joker is about Super heroes and aliens. There were rumors floating around that this film is inspired from Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’, which had Heath Ledger deliver a brilliant performance as Joker, which won him a posthumous Oscar award as well. There were other rumors that this film is going to be an out of the world experience where the hero will be battling aliens or extra-terrestrials. But for now, all these only seem to be rumors and nothing else, as Shirish Kumder has vehemently denied all these speculations.

Shirish has gone on record stating that the film’s story has definitely no aliens nor super heroes although, there are a few fantasy elements interwoven into the script. Kunder has revealed that Akshay plays a scientist in the film who comes to his village in India from the US.

Well. we will have to wait and see what the film is all about and if Akshay is seriously considering competing with SRK in becoming a superhero.

8 thoughts on “Is Joker About Super Heroes or Aliens?

  1. Akshay kumar must stick to martial arts ……….. Super hero may be…….. He has the best physique after Hrithik………….

  2. Although Akshay Kumar cannot be compared with an all time super star like SRK, I feel that Akshay suits more in super hero roles!!

  3. hrithik have set a trend all actors want to be a super hero robot worked well lets see if the others will do same

  4. Seriously, who gave SRK the sole title of super hero? All this hype about Ra1 iam sure its rubbish. SRK is old news he even looks terrible now. I personally think Akshay is so much more sexier then SRK and will suit a super hero role better. This reporter should STOP with kissing SRK ass

    1. Not only shah rukh khan but all those 45+ actors must retire. But guys are lucky they always have young heroines most 30+ actresses are soon replaced but the female viewers still have to tolerate those wrinkled old man playing school boys how pathetic ..

      1. Lolllllllll…………… sasa very true I wonder when will these wrinkled uncles make place for youngters ?????????

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