IK vs RK

Wondering who IK and RK are? The once friends, but now foes, Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. Looks like IK is winning the competition over RK, at least for now. Wanna know how? Simple, let us take a look at their track record over the past one year. While Ranbir has had only one release (Anjaana Anjaani), which turned out to be a dud at the B.O, Imran has had three releases (I Hate Luv Stories, Break ke Baad and Delhi Belly), with the first one turning out to be a hit, the second recovering its investments and the third one becoming a super hit.

Ranbir, post the failure of Anjaana Anjaani, is yet to see a release, as his project with Imtiaz Ali (Rockstar) is being pushed back day-after-day and his next film is Barfee, which may only see the release towards the end of this year or in early 2012. Imran on the other hand, has Mere Brother Ki Dulhan with YRF and another tentatively titled project called Short Term Shaadi. According to industry sources, Mere Brother ki Dulhan would be a hit as well.

RK’s got to pick up pace now and deliver Rockstar and Barfee to stay afloat in this competition.

6 thoughts on “IK vs RK

  1. Ranbir is a better actor…….. He must get better roles to play…….. imran is doing good films but sorry to say he is not a good actor……… he is where he is because of his superstar uncle Aamir Khan…………

  2. ranbir is a womanizer may be thats why others dont consider him a serious actor ranbir is a better actor he needs to get substantial roles as for imran he needs to improve his dialogue delivery both have good potential

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