Ra.One on PlayStation

Yes! You see it right. Shahrukh Khan’s prestigious project Ra.One is now going to be a game on one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world – the Sony PlayStation. The name of the game is Ra.One – The Game and the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has partnered with SRK’s Red Chillies Entertainment in bringing out this game. But the most exciting part about this game is this – the King Khan himself has developed the storyline for the game. Not only that, the characters that we will get to see in the game have been replicated from the film’s characters itself, and also the voice overs for the characters are going to be provided by the Baadshah Khan himself.

According to the available information, the game will feature the primary characters of the film, which are Ra.One and G.One, and the players can choose which character they want to play. The game is going to be launched in India towards the end of September, 2011 and the game is set to act as a prequel to the actual movie.

Can only say one thing – Ra.one Rocks and so does our King Khan!

10 thoughts on “Ra.One on PlayStation

  1. i just read pc is going to be part of ra. one. i really hope she isn’t. would hate to see pc and srk together in this very movie. i am a katrina fan but feel really bad for bebo. and this will give rise to some strong speculations about the relationship status between srk and pc. i like srk for his family image not for what pc is trying making out of him. fingers crossed!

    1. Please dear don’t spread false rumors about Piggy she is not doing Ra.one how can she when the film is almost complete?

      1. i was surprised too. read the news while searching bollywood. you can find it on bollywoodhungama as well and several others too. i usually follow the news on this website and have never tried to create any rumor. thats at all not me. well the concerns for my favorite stars and how and what they do will always be there like anyone. hope you understand. 

    2. Please dear don’t spread false rumors about Piggy she is not doing Ra.one how can she when the film is almost complete?

  2. i dont believe it many will have shah rukh int their pocket lol.. the film is not yet out but creating so much buzz already

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