Friday B.O – Delhi Belly and Buddah Hoga Terra Baap

Last Friday we saw the release of two movies – Delhi Belly and Buddah … Hoga Terra Baap. Both the films achieved success more than actually what was expected. While Delhi Belly was a new experiment and is receiving some rave reviews and applause, Bbuddah saw the return of Amitabh of the seventies and the eighties, once again proving that Big B is indeed the “Superstar of the Millennium”. Well that was last Friday, what’s this week?

This Friday we have two more releases, Murder 2 and Chillar Party. We obviously know which is the bigger film of the two and Murder 2 as expected has got off to a flyer. Chillar Party, being a small film is having to depend a lot on word of mouth. As far as the initial reports are concerned, Murder 2 is not just high on kisses but, is also high on content as well. Chillar Party is also garnering some good reviews.

So, which film for you this weekend?

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