Emraan-Jacqueline's on screen chemistry is mind blowing…

It was during the shoot of Murder 2, when Emraan Hashmi and Jacqueline Fernandes got to know each other. And we must tell you, the duo did an awesome job. Their on-screen chemistry is simply sizzling and mind blowing.

The sequel has several intimate and dare-bare scenes that the stars have pulled off easily.

Says director Mohit Suri, “Emraan and Jacqueline got along very well, too,”

6 thoughts on “Emraan-Jacqueline's on screen chemistry is mind blowing…

  1. i don’t like him, he can’t particulary act, he just does vulgar films that weird people go and watch….

  2. I so wish they’d spare us the intimate scenes in Hindi movies and make them good for family viewing.  I’m no prude but it’s kinda awkward watching it with family.  Sometimes the movies are good but, in my opinion, are spoilt with steamy scenes which the directors and/or actors always claim is “relevant to the script”.  Now this I find quite funny as again, in my opinion, there really is no need for explicit scenes.  Ah well, I guess it’s a marketing ploy to attract crowds …  Then again, when one reads some of the (vulgar) comments on this site, it’s no wonder that film makers / actors have shed their inhibitions.

    I quite enjoyed Murder (1) – barring the steamy scenes of course – and am looking fwd to M2.

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