Salman Khan is the new darling at the box office

Salman Khan is so much in demand that producers and directors are queuing up to sign him for their films. But the star is too busy to sign any.

After the roaring success of Ready, the latest we hear is that the director of Ghajini, A Murugadoss, is keen on roping in Salman Khan for his next. The film will be an action genre, high on style. Similarly, Karan Johar too wants Salman in his film.

But, Sallu bhai is too busy for them. In fact, he is having a tough time shooting for Kick (time management). Salman Khan once again plays a cop in the film and Sonakshi Sinha is his heroine. He’s about to wrap up his Bodyguard with Kareena Kapoor. He’ll also be shooting for the Yash Raj film Ek Tha Tiger with Katrina Kaif. Post that, he’ll commit to Dabangg 2 and a tentatively titled film Jungle for brother Sohail Khan.

No wonder, the actor is not available for love… 😛

116 thoughts on “Salman Khan is the new darling at the box office

  1. The whole point of this post is showing how “wanted” salman is….who doesnt want him???….afterall he has everything….girls go gaga over him….boys go envy-glare at him….And enimies want to be him…exes go co-co to star with this star and most importantly….producers go signing-mad on him!!!!….. Everyone in btown is, and always will be ” ready” to get charmed by salman!!! ;)…<3 salman 4eva xoxoxoxo

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  2. All lesbian bitch here..jelous about salman stardom.but salman  fan dosnt care and we knw that you are few and millions of salman fans loves him alot…and he deserve that and prove himself to give one by one hit film…SALMAN ROCK

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  5. Indeed Salman is the only damn on and off screen Hero ruling the Bollywood with his charms,deligence,gr8 successes,gr8 acts & millions of fans thru out the entire world.I gotta accept it.Sorry for all the guys who I irritated alot.Salman rocks………….the only KING Khan !!!!!!!!

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