Roshan family to attend the first screening of 'Ra.One'

Ra.One’s final cut is almost ready and Shahrukh has invited the Roshan family to the first screening of the movie.

The buzz is that Hrithik is very excited after watching the promos of Ra.One and is eagerly waiting to watch the movie. But Shahrukh wants Hrithik to watch the very final product of the movie, since the music and the sound effects of Ra.One are currently being revved up.

Shahrukh Khan, said in an interview that Krrish is his and his kid’s favorite Indian superhero and he wants Hrithik to watch Ra.One and provide him with a feedback. He also praised Rakesh Roshan’s commitment towards his movies.

4 thoughts on “Roshan family to attend the first screening of 'Ra.One'

  1. Oh Shivaji there are people who think good men with  a stable life, wife and kids; who don’t do supposedly good deeds for publicity don’t exist. Please enlighten their path cause they are taking non-males, publicity greedy and rowdies for idols.

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