Ready’s performance at the Box Office….

Salman Khan’s latest film Ready, may have not got the best reviews from critics, but with cinemas packed the move is on its way to becoming a hit. The film may not be as big a hit as Dabangg was, it has managed to get the biggest opening of the year, with a projected total of 22 crores net in the first two days of collections.

The Ready box office figures already have the distributors heaving a sigh of relief and eyeing a fat profit as well. Directed by Anees Bazmee, the comedy film starring Asin and Salman Khan opened to a rip-roaring start on Friday. It saw the occupancy of 60 to 80 percent at both multiplexes and single screen theatres. Some shows in the evening registered a house-full.

The takings on Saturday were lower than the first day, and that is a cause of concern. The coming week will tell how big a hit Ready actually is.

35 thoughts on “Ready’s performance at the Box Office….

  1. critics panned ready and it is shit worthless good for nothing movie dat you force people you hate to watch it since it is pure agony to sit through 

    1. Thats why its on its way to become a blockbuster , Unlike Ashtray films where producers have lost their houses…Lesbian trolll Just read some entertainment news before even thinking of posting comments  

    2. Lollllllllllllllllllll…………….. Why you say so Vanita ??? You are breaking all the hijrah clans’ heart. In India they say if you are nasty to chhakkes they their will curse you …………

    3. Awwwwwww…..poor cow…….did u take a sex pill after hearing bout salmans sucesss????…..dnt get hyped….chill….its just a sucessful-movie….even if i ddnt read the article….it straightforwardly proves by ur comment it waz a big hit….dnt get jealous….hehehehe….btw it wznt panned by critics….if u dnt trust me…go check wiki…nd it has the second-biggest opening weekened….however u shuld watch it…not joking….ull like it…im sure

  2. I watched the movie and I think it was above okay. No great but above okay. There were some moments that made me wish that I was anywhere else but there but I had to be there. Like I said some moments. Overall the movie was pretty good. But not great!

  3. i am quait surprise …umm looking arount those looser comment who actually jealous about salman stardom..i beleive they flew a way after superhit READY..or they became SALMAN khan fans..whats ur opinion guys!!!

  4. ready is awesome movie for more updates of ready log on to’s-perfor…he-box-office…/ 

  5. I  watched the film yesterday and I can’t say it was as great as Dabangg which had more style and depth.

  6. Who watched ready??????I DID!!!!!!!!!! The funniest movie ever!!!!!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrillllllllliaaant!!!!!!!! No joke…..even if i wznt a salman fan i wuld like!!!!!!! But on the other hand im a salman fan….soooo……LUVED IT!!!!!!! Wow….the cinemas were packed with ppl….all wanting to watch ready…nd from my view ready is ten times betta than dabaang….salmans acting is amazzxxxing!!!!!asins acting was brilliant too!!!!!!!but in conclusion….u guys shuld all watch ready….i mean im thinkin ov watchin it again!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 salman…xoxoxo

  7. oleoleoleoooolllllleee  SALMAN IS THE BEST !!!! oleoleoleooooleoleole

    for Salman HATERS : english = disappear
                                     switzerland=hau ab
                                     türk=  yok
                                     espanol= desaparecer                     PLEASE GO AWAY !!!!

    SALMAN KHAN IS THE BEST!!!!!!! yyyyuuuuppppiiiii  love u

  8. FilmCastPlussesMinussesVerdictReadySalman Khan, Asin, Paresh Rawal, Sudesh Lehri, Akhilendra Mishra, Mahesh Manjrekar, Manoj Joshi, Manoj Pahwa, Anooradha Patel, Sharat Saxena, Sanjay Dutt [sp. app.], Ajay Devgn [sp. app.], Kangna [sp. app.], Zarine Khan [sp. app.], Chunky Pandey [sp. app.], Arbaaz Khan [sp. app.]Salman Khan and two chartbusting songs – ‘Character Dheela’ and ‘Dhinka Chika’Rests on a thin plotHas emerged the second biggest opener ever. Collects Rs. 40.65 cr nett in Weekend 1. Breakup:- Fri 13.15 cr, Sat 12.25 cr, Sun 15.25 cr. Extra-ordinary. Monday is rock-steady; the morning and noon shows being 70% to 90% of Friday/Saturday numbers.The Top 5 openers are as follows:- DABANGG – 48.5 cr, READY – 40.65 cr, 3 IDIOTS – 40 cr, TEES MAAR KHAN – 38 cr, GOLMAAL 3 – 36 cr

  9. ”Ready” has collected 40.65 crore in just 3 days……..wahhhhh,,wahhhh,,,maje aah gaye,,,hipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,,hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1. your so stupid and a gay so get your head out of your as* ready had good opening like tmk but now it is going south stupid shit movie

      1. ohhh poor child…..we are not primitive….as you…….speak to shine or tina……are on your level ………please go away !!!!!

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