Movie Review: READY

By Neharika.

Directed by: Anees Bazmee
Produced by: Rajat Rawail, Bhushan Kumar, Nitin Manmohan, Kishan Kumar, Sohail Khan.
Starring: Salman Khan, Asin, Arya Babbar, Paresh Rawal, Puneet Issar, Mahesh Manjrekar, Akhilendra Mishra
Music by: Pritam, Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Sunil Patel, Thomas Xavier
Editing by: Ritesh Soni
Distributed by: T-Series, Rawail Grandsons Entertainment and Software Pvt. Ltd., Sohail Khan Productions.

Grade: A: Wah! Kya Film Hai :) :)

The much awaited movie of the season, Ready, has finally hit theaters today, 3rd June 2011. A remake of superhit Telugu film by the same name, Ready is a typical commercial cinema packed with humor and masala.

The story of the film revolves around happy-go-lucky Prem (Salman Khan), who is the most eligible bachelor living in an extended joint family and Sanjana (Asin), an orphan, who stay with her evil maternal uncles, Narendra and Tulsi. Her maamas are always plotting to steal away her ancestral assets, by persuading her to marry either of their brother in-laws. However, Sanjana sniffs their intentions.

Prem and Sanjana, fall in love, and the duo plans on teaching a nice lesson to the maamas. What follows is complete comical mayhem.. How Prem marries Sanjana, thus making her uncles realize their mistakes is the rest of the story. In short, the film revolves around how he unites the families of the girl and himself.

Bameez maintains his trademark, loud comedy, over-the-top acts and silly slapstick. The second half of the movie is when the actual story starts. The first half had a few scenes changed from the original flick, thus giving the much needed mass masala to Salman fans. However, Paresh Rawal’s character was ruined, though he was great in whatever he did. Bazmee failed to understand that in the original flick (Ready in Telugu) this character is the heart and soul of the film. There are a few vulgar jokes, which was not really needed.

Salman lived up to infusing life into the film.His mind blowing screen presence is simply superb!!! His sense of humour and the dance moves are the highlight of the film. Coming to Asin, she was a little pale in a few scenes, but the superb actress that she is, did the magic. The duo’s on screen chemistry is mind blowing.

The highlights of the film are 1) Salman Khan, 2) awesome comedy in the second half and 3) Dhinka Chika, Character Dheela songs. However, the only negative thing in the film was the action sequences. It was too weak for a Salman Khan flick, especially after his iconic Chulbul Pandey act.

The songs of film, ‘Character Dheela’ and ‘Dhnka Chika’ stole the show. Devi Sri Prasad Bollywood debut with his Dhinka Chika is the new chant of B town. Preetam’s music, needless to mention, mind blowing. Sajid-Farhad’s dialogues worked very well, elevating the humor. Sunil Patel’s cinematography is spot on. After a disastrous ‘Thank You’, ‘Ready’ sees director Anees Bazmee, back with a bang.

Ready’s opening day is surely going to be mind boggling and don’t be surprised if the film goes on to break all the record of Dabangg. A full time entertainer with fulon family drama, I give it a 4.5 out of 5…

A: Wah! Kya Film Hai :) :) , B: Paisa Vasool :, C: Ek Baar Chalta Hai/ Bakwaas 😀 😉 , D: Poora time Waste :( :(

105 thoughts on “Movie Review: READY

  1. I am a great salman fan, and loving seeing him in his funny at best.
    But giving READY, 4.5 out of 5 only makes us (Indians) look like dumb, either they don’t know how to rate movies or they make and love stupid movies.
    For Ready I loved it for beginning 20 minutes, then it was copy of WELCOME, either way an  average/stupid film.  I left the theater after 45 minutes, just watching and then saying it was BEST film ever, only makes my arguments STRONGER about u being dumb chuttttt.

    I expect better from Salman than READY,

  2. Neharika your taste in movie sucks. This movie is average, only thing good about is Salman n his fan will enjoy seeing him. Rest is average!!! Dum maaro dum better movie but not appreciated

  3. Ready is wonderful movie. I like it, this movie is specially for salman fans. Salman is looking so dashing in this movie.

  4. Ready Records Fantastic Opening Weekend Collections Monday 6th June 2010 11.00 ISTBoxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    Ready had a fantastic opening weekend by grossing around 40 crore nett as per early estimates. It is the second highest opening weekend ever and the biggest non holiday weekend ever surpassing the biggest non holiday weekend of Raajneeti by a huge 20% plus margin.
    The film has under performed slightly in West Bengal and Mysore but elsewhere collections are very strong be it multiplexes or single screens. Saturday had a noticeable drop at places but it was where opening was phenomenal and where the opening was a bit less the film held up. Infact  in Mysore and West Bengal where it had lowest opening, business on Saturday was up. Sunday was strong across the board. The film is a huge winner and biggest hit of the year and it is the weekdays that will decide whether it can become a Super Hit or Blockbuster.

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  6.  ppl do not watch this movie is a confusing mess from what i understand…save u r money…this douchebag salman should be boycotted after all his evil villainy he has done…the cad belongs in jail not on the big screen..

      1. You have rotten eggs on  your face bitch. The film is doing better business than Dum and Game put together. So there !!!!!!!!!

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    3. Piss off bitch. We have already watched it. Great entertainment and doing well compare to DUM and Game put together.

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  7. sallll maaaan…… too good…He is the making and breaking b.o records so easily…….. wait for the eid THE RECORDS will be broken again…..ULTIMATE KING OF BOLLYWOOD……..:)

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  8. wtf why does this pussy salman copy so many south films??? is it because the jerk can’t get a hit when it is a original script so he copies south films that have been tried and were hits so than audience knows that it would be a good film so the fucker does not need to worry what a fake pussy salman is

    1. glamsham glamsham Rani Mukherjee: If south has Rajnikanth, we have Salman – News: To all srk fans,,,, Baap baap hota hai,, aur beta beta.. We own top 2 spots.. #Readytaran_adarsh taran adarsh Top 5 opening Fridays:- Dabangg 14.5 cr, Ready 13.15 cr, 3 Idiots 13 cr, Tees Maar Khan 12.75 cr, Raajneeti 10.5 cr & Kites 10.5 cr. taran_adarsh taran adarsh Overseas update: ‘Ready’ storms international markets.taran_adarsh taran adarsh India update: ‘Ready’ has biggest opening for non-festive period taran adarsh While ‘3 Idiots’ & ‘Tees MK’ were Christmas releases & ‘Dabangg’ Eid, ‘Ready’ should be the BIGGEST opening ever for a non-festive period.taran_adarsh taran adarsh Rajasthan – Fri: 3I [Christmas] 69 lacs, Tees MK [Christmas] 75 lacs, Dabangg [Eid] 80.15 lacs, Ready [non-festive period] 78.12 lacs.»
      taran_adarsh taran adarsh CP Berar circuit – Fri: Tees MK [Christmas] 75 lacs, Dabangg [Eid] 89 lacs, Ready [non-festive period] 81.69 lacs.taran_adarsh taran adarsh CI circuit – Fri: 3I [Christmas] 48 lacs, Tees MK [Christmas] 49 lacs, Dabangg [Eid] 62 lacs, Ready [non-festive period] 58.54 lacs. 

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  9. Hello Salman fans…….have seen the film READY!!!!! I find the film super !!!!!
    But he is more …..of a family film……not as debangg……the cinema was full…..
    movie-goers…….were ” thrilled” !!!!!!!

    1. hiiiiiiii wassup buddy???,,,wat a movie,,,,just 1 word,,,4 ReadY AwEsomE…….balleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,balleeeeeeeeeeee

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    6. You have not even seen the movie. You are writing blindly out of nastiness. Your style of writing is as clear as mud. Not a good move. I have not seen it but will never write a positive/negative review just for the hell of it. And there is no need to use derogatory words either. This is a social network site not one of those you know what.     

  11. Awwwwwwww… i REAllllllllllY want to watch the film…..but obviosly this waz coming….what else do u wanna expect frm a a-grade actor gaining an a-grade film….i luv salman!!!!!randomn?????

  12. Absolutely rocking………sorry l couldn’t check it out till Tuesday due to hectic schedule.But lm gonna check it out on Tuesday with all frens.Ready is damn good.It’s gonna be 1 of the alltime hits.Salman rocks !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I stand as correct….luvyna i always new u had a “thing” for salman…….wat took u soo much time to get “ready”…..waz nisha forcing u to stag a little with her????….hahahaha

        1. Whatever ID it is, what count is a true reflection of the movie especially from people who only write after watching the movie. 

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    1. I saw the Tamil version of this movie starring Rajnikanth’s son-in-law, Dhanush & Genelia (who did Asin’s role in the original Telengu version & subsequently in in Tamil version).  It was hilarious.  I believe it will be a big hit for Salman Khan.

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