Salman charged for lighting up in public…

While shooting for his upcoming film Bodyguard in Patiala, Punjab, Bollywood hunky man Salman Khan, has been fined an amount of Rs. 200 for smoking in a public place.

The local district authorities issued the fine after Salman’s photograph was published in a news daily on Saturday. In the photograph, Salman was shown smoking in the Hotel Neemrana where the shooting of the film is going on. The incident happened on Tuesday which also incidentally happened to be World No Tobacco Day. The hotel authorities were also issued a challan.

This is an umpteenth time that Salman Khan has been charged for smoking at a public place. Other actors like Ajay Devgan and Shahrukh Khan have also been fined in the past for lighting up in a public place.

34 thoughts on “Salman charged for lighting up in public…

  1. Salman got away lightly with with this one too.Rs 200,?? He seems to be lucky with his ongoing arrogance and lack of respect for others. What a ‘STAR’

  2. Salman got away lightly with with this one too.Rs 200,?? He seems to be lucky with his ongoing arrogance and lack of respect for others. What a ‘STAR’

  3. i had always maintainted this evil man….is a cad n he pollutes india…n he thinks he can do anything n get away with it…he is corrupt immoral vagabond…he belongs in jail..his chamchis r all morons for approving of his evil ways…

    1. He pollutes India? This must be an all time understatement ever. By the way what is CAD. Anyway this Khan is here to stay no matter what he does. He can’t go to jail dear. Indian economy will see a sharp decline and bollywood will be so boring.  

  4. Maybe he just forgot that it was a non-smoking day. I agree that smoking is a bad habit but people who are addicted to Nicotine sometimes can’t break that habit. Smoking and drinking is not good and he should consider his health as well as other people around him.

  5. Wow….he smoked in public….big deal….just cuz smeone smokes dznt make tham cheap at all….atleast he ddnt strip in public like ashtray does….if an actor smokes it haz no connection to fans smoking….sheesh now i no y sme whores like assface…cuz they have no brains….hahaha

  6. Salman or any other actor that smokes or misbehaves in public should realize the consequences that the youth that idolizes these stars are watching and will mimic their actions.

  7. Once he was in news for quitting smoking and taking illicits pfffff……….. He will do anything for publicity how cheap!!!!!!!! chhiii thoo and now he’s been convicted for smoking in public……

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