Bollywood Poll: Whose make-up was better at Cannes???

Whose make-up was better at Cannes???

97 thoughts on “Bollywood Poll: Whose make-up was better at Cannes???

  1. ha..ha…its so funny to see the comments prefering sonam to AISH….sonam is looking just average and do u think without ash the global media would even look at indian representives? ash is the onlyone in bollywood who is recognised globally…both representing the cosmetic giant l’oreal.. guys do u even know sonam got the contract of l’oreal only when Ash declined to endorse the skin whitening cream( l’oreal pearl perfect) and recommended sonam’s name to the concerned officials as Ash is in good terms with Anil kapoor. Come on guys…..its ridiculous.

  2. are hmka ta sonmwa nik lagat biya ho……..airwariywa ta budh lagat biya……waise mallikwa aur nik lagat budbak…

  3. aishwarya was much more beautiful and clearly called beautiful sonam lacks class and is very plain and matronly 

  4. Time to step back Ash, what a pity!!!! We should send Rekhaji or Katrina Kaif alongwith Sonam & Deepika to Cannes next year……clearly!

  5. Both were over made up, but Sonam’s was definitely much better – just a nice fresh made up look!¬† We forget that color shows more prominently on indian complexions, so the less the better!!!! Who doe sthier make up I wonder?

  6. Sonam. The dresses that Ash wore made her look chubby. A lot of designers (and automobiles) are coming out with a look that is “space” or its significance, speed. So¬† a lot of geometric shapes are in– giving it a robotic look. It does NOT suit Ash. Whoever was her dresser didn’t see her back, because every once of fat showed. As far as make-up….Sonam’s was tasteful. It was a bit over the top for Ash……

  7. old negro face ash should disappear now…why she even go to cannes and stand around posing for photos like 16 year old girl when she look like 50 year old granny?

  8. Sonam and Ash both look great with make up… and This pic of ask is messed uhp and her makeup did not actually felll apart…. :) they both loook pretty

  9. Sonam luks better then ash..ash has become older now & she has to stop going to this type big festival and she has to give change to the new beauties in the industries..

  10. aishwarya was called the queen of cannes by a respected fashion critic…all the major fashion critics loved aishwarya’s makeup and gowns…they couldn’t get enough of her…sonam was not recognized…she was a nobody¬†

    1. I think this posll is about what you think … not about reporting what is supposedly¬†already published somewhere else.

    1. u uneducated scoundrel…no one cares what comes out of your filthy mouth u cad…go wash u r mouth with soap..

  11. sonam is a fashion icon! she looks fab in whatever she puts on ..clothes make- up whatever..!!!

    ash’s make-up is falling apart..her neck looks bad..

  12. sonam is a fashion icon! she looks fab in whatever she puts on ..clothes make- up whatever..!!!

    ash’s make-up is falling apart..her neck looks bad..

  13. sonam is the 1 that looks like a witch look at he profile with her lumpy nose
    for me it is aishwarya whose looking very nice

  14. some fool try to lighten ash’s ears and brown neck….just leave her natural brown skin alone, it looks fine

  15. I’m not a big fan of Sonam but I’ve to admit that she looks really good on that pic .Compared to Aish who unfortunately does not have the right make up or hairdo.By the way to all those racists who puts bad comment about the skin color of a person is absolutely disgusting. Stop judging people by their skin color! Ever heard about black is beauty?! Or do you think that only white people or people with light skin color are more beautiful? And don’t bother answering back by saying that I have surely dark skin to have such a reaction. I’m neither light or dark since I’m from a mix family..

    1. ash is dark and ugly also without her kilos of white foundation, concealer, false eyelashes, drawn on painted eyebrows, color contact lenses, and loads of bright lights/photoshop to make her look 1000 times better than the ugly frog she really looks like.

  16. in this pic NONE. but i really liked her make up during the Heroine press conference and sonam’s make at some other event. Frieda had one appearance and she really looked good.¬†

    1. Frieda always looks good on the red carpet. Whoever is her stylist really knows how to compliment her. And she always has stunning make-up.

  17. I think the person who posted this photo of ash was trying to photoshop it by making the skin lighter  through the paintbrush tool but messed up big time

      1. you are laughing or farting your as*  is so huge smokes blows out of it all the time tat why you blow alot shit on here bitch

    1. Yea, there is something wrong with the photo. But don’t you think that Sonam’s make-up was better? I mean, whoever did Ash’s make-up put so much on–it was a bit overdone.¬†

  18. Lks like assface is sweating as usz……told u she is ugly…..but her niece sonam aint lookin any betta either….im quite sure that the paint of ashtrays face wuld b drippin all ova da red crapt

  19. what’s wrong with ash’s neck?¬† it looks like she’s been strangled with those neck lines and the paint is peeling off her neck

  20. sonam i think looks the best, i think ash has lost it, she is getting her styling all wrong…..especially her hair



      1. Minissha was also labelled as Aishwarya on the carpet, pretty sad that a 10 year old veteran is that dispensable no? 

      1. Ash has class and recogonised throughout the world for her beauty. A true ambassdor to represent our country.

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