Preity Zinta makes a smashing come back in Mahesh Manjrekar’s next…

Good news for all the Preity fans. News has it that very soon, Preity Zinta is all set to hit the cinemas and this time she will not be the same bubbly and chirpy Zinta. Instead, her role will be more toned and subtle Mahesh Manjrekar’s hard-hitting drama, White will have Preity playing the leading lady.

“ I can’t be doing the bubbly dimpled babe all my life,” said Preity Zinta on making her long-awaited comeback to the silver screen and this time she is venturing out of her comfort zone.

Mahesh Manjrekar’s film, White, is a hard-hitting drama about a woman, who goes through several shades of dark and light experiences, right from her 20s to her 60s.

Apparently when Preity read the script she was ecstatic. She teased Manjrekar and asked, “Why me? Why not Tabu who is your favourite actress?”

Reportedly, Manjrekar, wanted to cast an actress with a bubbly, rom-com image in an edgy, dramatic role.

Zinta refrained from commenting on Manjrekar’s offer and simply said, “At this stage of my career I need new challenges. Luckily, directors can see beyond my chirpy I’m-so-happy image.”

The last we saw Zinta in a not-so bubbly role was in 2008, when she played a battered wife, in Deepa Mehta’s Heaven on Earth.

Manjrekar, who had not directed a Hindi film for five years, made a comeback last year with the gritty City Of Gold. He is currently shooting for Anees Bazmi’s Ready in Bangkok. When asked about his project with Zinta, he tells us, “I’ll finalize the project when I return to Mumbai.”

17 thoughts on “Preity Zinta makes a smashing come back in Mahesh Manjrekar’s next…

    1. Hi Prakash, I don’t think her time has passed because she has done some great roles in her latest movies Last Lear and Heaven On Earth (she won best actress at a Chicago film fest for that one). Yes I agree that she should find a man because nobody wants to die alone! But she’s a talented actress and an intelligent person and she has a lot to offer besides her dimples! Go Preity! :)

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