Dabangg, Ishqiya, 58th National Film Award winners

The 58th National Film Awards was announced on Thursday evening, with Dabangg, Ishqiya and Do Dooni Char bagging top honors from Bollywood.

Salman Khan starrer superhit film Dabangg (the highest grossing film of 2010), lead from the front picking up the Best Popular Film award. The critically acclaimed film Ishqiya followed with four awards.

Arbaaz Khan, the producer of Dabangg said, “It is an amazing feeling. It actually completes the entire journey of the film. I got a couple of messages but was not sure, when finally my wife called me and told me that we have won. I must say that I feel honoured and ecstatic.”

“It’s barely sinking in. The fact that film like this managed to entertain people and has found its place is a high. The fact that we have won the national award is quite a kick. It is my first film and getting the biggest recognition in the country is a big high,”
said Habib Faisal, the director of Do Dooni Char.

Vishal Bharadwaj said, “We never expected Ishqiya to get the response it got commercially and critically. I thought that it was one of my best music score. Thankfully the songs clicked with the masses.

Our small film winning four national awards is a great achievement as a producer, music composer and a proud mentor to Abhishek.”

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