Katrina gets back to shape…

While shooting for Tees Maar Khan, Katrina Kaif went from being voluptuous to size zero. Now that the movie is over and almost forgotten, the actress is piling on the pounds to maintain continuity for Yash Raj film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

Kats has been asked to put on some more weight so her character in the upcoming film would look fuller. The result is visible as she doesn’t look skinny anymore.

A source reveals, “To lose weight for her role in Tees Maar Khan, Kaif literally stopped eating and was on a very strict all-broccoli diet. After the film’s release, she’s slowly resuming her regular diet of carbs and proteins.”

However, Katrina maintains she hasn’t had to change her eating habits. “I am not on any special diet. My weight has been the same since Tees Maar Khan.”

0 thoughts on “Katrina gets back to shape…

  1. Indians have no taste really…this chubby, big-faced, lip-injected idiot is ruling India because she has fair skin and bagged Salman Khan??? Really??? Well, I guess the obsessions with whiteness will never really dissipate in India considering that this woman can barely speak the language, barely compares to most other indian beauties {Bips, Priyanka, Malaika, Riya etc. etc.) but she’s still getting so many roles…sad, really…and to deny this is to be totally ignorant because everyone knows she cannot act, speak hindi/urdu/telungu etc. and she’s not that pretty…And to the fans that’ll get psycho over this comment…P.O.!!! Freedom of speech!

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