Anushka’s unprofessionalism drives 'Patiala House' filmmakers mad…

The band Baaja Baaraat actress, Anushka Sharma is apparently ignoring the promotions of Patiala House. Buzz is that, post the success of her latest film, Band Baaja Baaraat, Anushka Sharma is still busy promoting the flick, forgetting her upcoming project Patiala house, which also stars Akshay Kumar.

If sources are to be believed, Patiala House is slated for release on February 1, an yet the promotion dates hasn’t been fixed.

According to a source from the film, “The producer Bhushan Kumar and director Nikhil Advani have been trying to get Anushka’s dates, but she seems to be too busy with Band Baaja Baaraat.
Whenever the makers of Patiala House approached her for dates her manager told them that she would revert later. They can’t understand why she is dillydallying.

When a superstar like Akshay Kumar can find time to promote his film, why can’t Anushka? The makers are aghast with Anushka’s unprofessionalism.
They feel the success of Band Baaja Baaraat has gone to her head. She is still making the crew of Patiala House wait endlessly for her dates.”

Though the director and the producer has a different story to tell, Nikhil Advani says, “Akshay and Anushka both are very excited for the film to release.
We are trying to work out dates for promotions as they both want to promote the film well.”

Producer Bhushan Kumar of T-series says, “Akshay and Anushka got along very well during the shoot and I’m sure they are working out their dates for promotion. They both are professionals.”

We wonder whom to believe!!!

0 thoughts on “Anushka’s unprofessionalism drives 'Patiala House' filmmakers mad…

  1. I think there’s more to this story. She should have a chat with her manager, who according to the article was approached not Anushka. She’s young and inexperienced but not stupid. She would know better then to act like this. I wonder if there isn’t another female celebrity who is worried about being replaced and is trying to manipulate Anushka’s image.

    1. Well has she started promotions yet? We don’t need “another female celebrity” to tell us that the release is around the corner, and she better get busy if it’s in her contract to promote the movie.

  2. i dnt care whateva is said bwt anushka i lov her som of dis dey chat shit bwt !!!! she is the best acctress {my opoion}

  3. i dnt care whateva is said bwt anushka i lov her som of dis dey chat shit bwt !!!! she is the best acctress {my opoion}

  4. success ka nasha chad gaya anushka par….just doing yash banner films only she is successful..she should respect yash banner n his films n give justice to all films equally…

  5. This story seems a bit distorted – I wud much rather believe the producer / director than a “source”. Let’s see if there’s further news abt this b4 judging.

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