First Look: 'Heroine'…

Madhur Bhandarkar ‘Heroine’ was announced at the Cannes Film Festival. Joining him was the very lovely Aishwarya Rai Bachchab and producer Ronnie Screwvala.

Initially, Kareena Kapoor was Bhandarkar’s first choice. But now, Aishwarya Rai has grabbed the meaty role and Bhandarkar thinks the change is for the better.

At the unveiling of the film’s first look at Cannes, Aishwarya said: “Heroine is a film that the team was very excited about and yes I have just agreed to come on board. Madhur has been speaking to me for many years to collaborate together on a film and I am glad we are finally working together on Heroine.”

The film’s first look has Ash posing on a magazine cover with taglines promising shocking revelations.

12 thoughts on “First Look: 'Heroine'…

  1. this will be a hard hitting movie of substance like all madhur’s movies…aishwarya n madhur teaming up together should produce great results…

  2. i liked her legs in the other thread in this one i like her eyes actually i like every part of aishwarya 

  3.  This is exactly what i have done with Madhur Bhandarkar to get this role in Heroine . to get this role in Heroine .

    1. Poor of you… Why you so obsessed with the real Aishwarya it’s ok to envy her beauty, career and success but to that limit. You must be suffering from lack attention poor of you.. 

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