Pune Warriors at Salman's party….

Salman Khan hosted a dinner for the IPL team Pune Warriors last night. It was an impromptu party held at Salman Khan’s temporary house in Film City where he is shooting for Bodyguard.

Though the Pune team lost the match to Chennai but it didn’t dampen Salman’s spirit to treat the young cricketers.

A source says, “Salman is very close to Subrata Roy of Sahara Group who owns the team and his sister Arpita Khan is a close pal of the captain of Pune team, Yuvraj Singh. Salman hosted the party jointly with his buddy Baba Dewan.”

Giving out details of the menu, the source adds, “Salman had specially arranged Mughlai cuisine for the young men in black and the booze was free-flowing.”

The guest list included friend like Kangna Ranaut, Sanjay Dutt, Sonakshi Sinha, Zarine Khan, Farah Khan, Shirish Kunder.

24 thoughts on “Pune Warriors at Salman's party….

  1. i will celebrate the day this man ends up in jail..now he is feeding booze to the youth? ..what kind of example is this corrupt man..

    1. WHY “i will celebrate” ??????
      TINA, SAY :” WE ” will celebrate…….. HA HA, HA, LOL. MY SWEET BRAVE GAL…

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    2. why do you come to us ….Salman fans…why bothering us????
      We have a mad on this website (shine) are you the 2 ????

      1. He certainly is another one to join the mad club. I can’t understand why these people keep missing their tablets.

          1. Criticism and failure will always be banging at your door to success. Unfortunately, most of us let the two burglars get a foot hold within our lives and let them steal what mental goods we possess. Criticism compounds criticism and failure demotivates you resulting in more failure. We will always do things that are inferior to what other people can do. The trick is to stop associating yourself with your actions. Sit back and analyse your action on this thread.

        1. Hi Ram Balram
          You`re absolutely right !!! I will ignored Shine…..has no education!!! I think his career is toilet cleaner !!!! He should wash his mouth!!!! He is sick in the head !!!!
          Tell cherie cherie a greeting…..

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