Abhishek Bachchan on People magazine, April 2011.

Like the cover???

Rate Abhi as on actor on a scale of 10….

40 thoughts on “Abhishek Bachchan on People magazine, April 2011.

    1. You must be joking he is 0/10 as an actor , he only did natural acting in Dostana thats because he didn’t need to act on that film , you know he is my type..

  1. Mum will always tend to encourage but I am afraid Abi never fell cos he was always at ground level. His career never took off so forget about getting back mummy dearest, I think it’s best that you pick him up and promise never to return to bollywood again. Can you do us this favour?

      1. hey Munni” i dnt think sooo ram bhai is naveed…..dnt say anything bad abt ram bhai”….munni”heheheeee

        1. sorry bro actually tina urff munni” said that u r naveed soo i thought u r….sorry 4 that…naveed” is my frnd n a hard core sallu fan like i m ,,,

  2. abhi…hahaha….for me even nana patekar is bigger star thAN him…

    soo i wuld like 2 give abhi 5 out of 10….

    1. I read somewhere that Abi was being compared to Anil Dhawan. My research showed that even Anil Dhawan had produced some hits in his time. Unfair comparison!!!!!!!

    1. Now that’s what I call FACT. He had it on the double, After exhausting his dad’s support, came his wife to support the rest of the burden. Does he not have any shame?

    1. Revolting, disgraceful, disgusting, grotesque and many more. It makes me sick. Please don’t publish this in future.

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