Salman Khan's connection with World Cup….

Salman Khan who is not a very big fan of Cricket, was seen glued to his television during the World Cup semi final and final match. Reason: Salman wanted to observe how the bodyguards of the VVIPs and the SPG (Special Protection Group), behaved and managed in a crowded situation like that.

A close hand reveals, “Salman wanted to observe how they manage the VVIPs in a crowd situation, and how they move about in the crowd, and how they take care of these important people as these were the real bodyguards, and Salman wanted to make the most of the situation, by noticing them while on the job.
In fact, these observations benefitted Salman immensely. He has even made subtle changes in his character where required for the film BODYGUARD, after observing these men at work.”

Reveals Atul Agnihotri, producer of BODYGUARD, “Salman Khan for the first time wanted to know body language of SPG. These guys are trained to blend and protect Z plus personalities. All protection is an eye play. Yes Salman Khan though not a frantic cricket buff watched the India Pakistan match without missing a second.”

Hope Sallu has done his research well.

81 thoughts on “Salman Khan's connection with World Cup….

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