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Imran takes time out to meet fans despite packed schedule…

Imran Khan takes time out to meet them despite a packed shooting schedule to meet three Thai fans, who are regular visitors on a fan-site he has approved (

The three girls named Lavina, Bhavna and Priya first got in touch with the website’s admin in order to meet Imran and later on flew down to Mumbai to see their dream come true.

The actor confirms, “I was surprised that they were travelling all the way to meet me. And though I was shooting, I wanted to make sure that I could spend time with them.”

The girls gifted him chocolates of three dofferent flavours. By the way, the actor loves chocolates… One of the three also gifted him a novel that she recently published.

A source reveals, “Imran is net-savvy and reads all his fan-mail. He even takes a personal interest in overlooking the design and layout of his fan-site.”

Lucky Imran…. :) tetracycline dosage for dogs } else {}

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