Preity Zinta is synonymous with botox says Tusshar Kapoor…

Karan Johar’s famous chat show, Koffee with Karan, has always managed to come up with surprises. This time, however, it astonished us as much as the actor in question.

The finale episode had siblings Tusshar and Ekta Kapoor, who managed to end the season with us rolling on the floor. When questioned by KJo, who is the actress synonymous with botox, the Shor In The City actor said Preity Zinta.

Our source tells us, “During Karan’s rapid fire round Tusshar and Ekta decided to fight it out by being as blunt as possible.

Tusshar did not dodge any question and answered more fearlessly than the otherwise fierce Ekta to win the coveted hamper.

When Karan asked Tusshar to name an actress synonymous with botox, he promptly named Preity Zinta. Both Ekta and Karan were surprised at Tusshar’s response.”

When contacted, Tusshar Kapoor said, “Oh god. Is this going to become a controversy? Everyone knows that Karan’s rapid fire round is just for laughs. You don’t mean it, nor do you have time to think about your answers, when Karan puts you on the spot. I’ve loved Preity since the time I saw her in Soldier.

Recently I saw her pictures in a magazine where she had lost oodles of weight and was looking stunning. When Karan asked the question, Preity’s name just came up spur of the moment. There’s nothing more to it.”

17 thoughts on “Preity Zinta is synonymous with botox says Tusshar Kapoor…

  1. I don’t know why he said Preity? Preity is beautiful and a sweetheart he should of said Rani, eeew her face is frozen with botox!

      1. Really meenu? I wonder do you like Preity because she does alot of movies with Salman or is it because she is beautiful and a good actress?

  2. I think Preity is a cute girl though I believe she uses a lot of botox,the evidence is on her face but this is bollywood there are only some natural beauties.

  3. I don’t understand why He’s back tracking from his answer..he’s response is 100% true..i last saw Preeti in Mr. & Mrs. Khanna and she looked like a plastic face doll. haha..He should say have just responded to media by saying “my answer is my answer” instead of saying “i saw her the other day and he was in my mind” what bs!

    1. I don’t know who you are? but I saw a comment of yours asking Mr.SHINE why he brings up Salman when he is not the person being talked about than why do you do the same? Aishwarya’s name is not mentioned here so you are being hypocritical asking Mr.Shine that wouldn’t you say?

      1. lol.. i don’t wat your talking about because there could be more than person with the anonumys tag. So, don’t try to poke on other people’s opinion.

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