Bollwood Poll: Sexy in a Bindii

Who according to you looks sexy in a bindii??

51 thoughts on “Bollwood Poll: Sexy in a Bindii

  1. Kareena Kapoor: 19 Votes
    Deepika Padukone: 15 Votes
    Katrina Kaif: 10 Votes
    Bipasha Basu: 8 Votes
    Anushka Sharma: 6 Votes
    Sonakshi Sinha: 3 Votes

    The Top Three are Kareena, Deepika and Katrina!

  2. sona looks cuter than any one else…reason is simple she represents more indian look girl than any other actress…

  3. Kareena looks good. i think before putting Bindi deepika should eat first…hadiyaan nikal rahin hain uski….ja deepika bache pehle jaa ke pet bhar ke khaa…..!!!

  4. ufcourse sonky. right indian beauty. with killer looks bips sexy kitten, kat, stlyish chic. at times funny with bindi. kareena. pretty with bindi. anushka sweet doll. deepika looks exact vamp anytime her lipstick looks she will suck ur blood. my bhindhi chooice is sonky, earthy appeal. bips bong bomb, kapoor royal, and delicate cutie anushka………… rest deepka monotonous. black ghost,,,,,,,,,

  5. *where is aishwarya i feel she is best* her face has the perfect shape to carry off a bindii*deepika also has the nice face shape to carry off this*anushka is nice too*

  6. I am in agreement with Prakash, Aishwarya is the most beautiful with it. remember Devdas<3<3<3.Out of the snap shots posted I think Dips followed by Bips.

  7. My original choice is Aishwarya the beauty looks stunning in a bindi or anything else.Deepika and Katrina are also very beautiful.

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