Salman is out to seek revenge from his ex-flame

Salman Khan hasn’t taken his ex girlfriend’s open declaration of her love for Ranbir Kapoor very well. What hurt him even more is that how she would never go back to her ex-flame.

Sallu has now completely lost it and is trying his best to be a major hindrance in Kaif’s career graph.

According to a source, “Salman Khan has done everything in his capacity to make Katrina a leading star.

However after their break up and her alleged relationship and break up with Ranbir Kapoor, Salman is out to seek revenge.

He has already asked people close to him not to work with Katrina. If anyone dares to work with her, clearly, he will not be a part of the project.

In fact, during the shooting of Ready, an A-lister actress was needed for a cameo but Salman suggested Zarine Khan’s name in spite of Katrina being in the discussions.

Salman, it seems, has also told Kabir Khan that he would not want to work with Katrina in his film and Priyanka should step in.”

Another source added, “Salman has never been like this but he is definitely not happy with Katrina’s behaviour. It was evident during the shoot of Bigg Boss when Salman had taken digs at her. The anger has only multiplied.”

However a source close to Katrina said, “There is no tension between Salman and her and everything is fine. She still considers Salman as one of her closest friends in Bollywood and will always continue to do so.”

26 thoughts on “Salman is out to seek revenge from his ex-flame

  1. This is just a Media Created story ….Wait there is more to come …You never know whts in the store , Next story will be of them getting together

  2. salman’s fan are happy , to see salman leave kat , she isnt lucky for him, but salman make her star , salman can find better than her

  3. Like I said before beautiful girls dump Salman in the trash bin because he is a creep so now he can be bitter as much as he wants but Katrina will never take him back, There are hotter men in Bollywood why should she settle for this non acting clown!As for Salman asking or more like ‘demanding’ people not to work with her shows how low and dirty he is.

  4. everybody is saying that salman bhai is dangerous.but he’s just a little, short guy. he can’t beat anyone. and his fight in his movies are all effects and not real. he has just money and knows many people. nothing more. if john wants to fight real (not with money or anyhing else), he can beat him. and other guy’s to (out of bollywood), and bye the way i don’t mean with ”other guys” the indian boys, couse they’re the same as sallu, short and little. if he’s gonna come in front of a real man. sallu is gonna the best thing is to beat him. hahahahahha


  5. salman is a tawdry corrupt evil man..who takes his frustrations out on those who can not defend themselves..this man is severely corrupting india .i am no fan of katrina kaif but salman is a man who is filled with revenge .he is a douche bag..there will be a day when he will in Bombay central jail..a day i am waiting to see

  6. OK, so even if she did use him (it’s just what people are assuming, no one really knows what happened between them), it doesn’t give him any right to threaten people to ruin her life.
    This guy is extremely dangerous when he gets angry, it’s no wonder he’s still single although being single isnt a problem.
    As good a person Salman is, he’s also just as dangerous and it’s just my opinion i dont speak for others.

  7. katrina i knew was a great S_ _ _ T…. jus proving herself deserves it….. i wish she gets vanished frm bollywood fr gud… i love sallu

  8. i h8 user katrina kaif…salman made her…and she jus used and abused him…i hope her career goes dwn the drain..good for nuffin….cnt act,cnt dance or speak hindi….

    1. yes u r right…cat” is a user…she used salman bhai” for her carrier..hw cheap she’s…user girl..i hate her alot for her behaviour…..

    1. Yea! I would support that she used him as a climbing ladder and then tossed him aside after she was become a bit famous but let me let u Katrina you a a terrible actress and look funny when you say your diagloues. Stupid tall cow!!

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