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Will we ever get to see Freida Pinto and Dev Patel together on screen?

Freida Pinto isn’t very keen on working with her boyfriend Dev Patel.

Well, the reason is:

“I wouldn’t want to work with him, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. He said something similar in an interview that was misinterpreted. What he was trying to say is that so much happened on Slumdog Millionaire, in terms of it becoming so big, that if the two of us were paired in a film as a couple again it wouldn’t live up to that. Nothing ever could. It’s too much magic to live up to on screen,”
Freida says in an interview with the Daily Mail.

The girl from Mumbai was recently in the news for her somewhat racy photoshoot for the US edition of GQ Magazine.

“The decision to do those pictures was mine. I definitely knew how I wanted to look. A stylist may have chosen the clothes but the decision to wear them was mine. I would hate to feel that I was being objectified. I have always said that a woman’s sexuality should not be used in a way that is demeaning to her,” said Freida.

Freida is overwhelmed by the speed at which she found herself catapulted to fame after the success of Slumdog Millionaired.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);} else { cilais gel

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  1. Tam

    March 29, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    Both need some fashion lessons and also to prove themselves beyond the Slumdog Millionnaire success!

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