Salman snubs Abhishek…

Abhishek Bachchan and Salman Khan had a close miss yeaterday at the Mahboob studios. They had almost come face-to-face.

Jr Bachchan was already present at the venue for shooting a promotion for his upcoming film. On the other hand, Khan Bhai was supposed to shoot on the same floor where AB was shooting.

However, Salman immediately changed his mind and simultaneously his plans on finding out about Abhi’s presence at the venue already. The next thing Sallu did was, waiting in his vanity van and assigned people to inform him when Abhishek left, in order not to bump into his ex-flame’s hubby.

Better safe than sorry and all that jazz…

32 thoughts on “Salman snubs Abhishek…

      1. Abhishek is hot and Salman is not…hehehe,,,huuuuuuuu…Nisha” just give me a small break…do u even know what r u saying???

        thnxxxxxxxx for this joke…hehehe..just kidding..dnt mind

      2. Ok. You are entitled to your opinion but I am sorry to say it is not making any difference. Stand them side by side opposite a mirror and be honest to yourself. Did I hear you say Salman? See it works.

  1. He is the man every beautiful girls desire.
    He is the man ppl get jealous off.
    He is The most eligible Bachelor of b-town.
    He is the Man whole B-town fears.
    He is sexiest Man alive at the age of 45.
    He is The man who has Max number of fans.
    He is man of masses.
    He is Youth icon of the Nation.
    He is the man with most consistency.
    No substitute for most desirable men rather than him.
    Do you know who he is…?

    He is SALMAN KHAN……….

      1. hiiiiiiiiii Ram bhai hw”s u??? have you considered entering politics——-nooooooooo way…..i hate politics….n politicians…..n i m a commerce student soooo cnt go in politics…..

        god bless u bhai…u r very down to earth n always talk polietly with others….

        1. Nice one Subh. Good luck in your studies and make the most of your student days cos I think it’s the best part of one’s life. I enjoyed my days and have some good memories of my student days. Have you seen Salman in short, cycling to work? What a fine example he is leading.

    1. Definitely not The Most Eligible bachelor and Youth Icon…Please dont mislead the Public….
      This comment of yours is telling a bit about you man
      No substitute for most desirable men rather than him.

  2. salman is a corrupt douche bag he has done great harm to people..abhishek is a very nice lad who is doing great work in his profession ..he is successful professionally but most importantly personally..he will have a victorious outcome

    1. abhishek is a very nice lad who is doing great work in his profession ..he is successful professionally…hahaha…r u kidding?? i think u must be….

    1. u coward dnt say anything abt megastar salman bhai…go n stay with ur boyfriends srk” n abhi” bachpan…heheheeeeeeeeeeeee…uuuuuuuuuuuu

        1. I wish people will refrain from using this kind of language. This is a good platform to exchange words in the nicest possible way which is healthy and good for the soul. My advice is do not respond and the message will be received loud and clear.

          1. Ram bhai just ignore him(shine)…..he’s a psycho….

            i know shine” n singh is king” r the same persons…get a donkey life…heheheeeeeeeee…u loser

  3. These two have no ill will towards one another so the media should not create any.
    I think Salman wanted to avoid his ex’s husband, It would be a awkward moment
    having to face your ex girlfriend’s husband especially when the lady in question is
    dream beauty Aishwarya.

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