Salman Khan all set to leave home…

Salman Khan’s film Bodygaurd, will begin its shooting at Film City in Goregaon and is expected to last for 40 days.

The latest we hear is that Salman will duck the 90 min commute from his house in Bandra through peak traffic, by putting up at the sets. Yes! Salman Khan is going to live on the set of Bodyguard. News has it that Bodyguard producer Atul Agnihotri is building a two bedroom condo on set for Salman, with interiors as close to Salman’s Galaxy Apartments, Bandra pad.

“We are not going to take anything from his pad to do up this place,” Agnihotri said. “We are renting everything out from beds to wardrobes. Salman’s gym will also have everything he needs. There will be a fully loaded kitchen, a big bathroom and an area where he can hang out with his friends who drop in to see him.”

In the film, Salman plays Kareena Kapoor’s bodyguard, Lovely Singh. Kareena plays a Symbiosis student, and Hazel of UK plays Kareena’s college friend. The film additionally stars Shatrughan Sinha.

Bodyguard is scheduled for an August 31 release.

31 thoughts on “Salman Khan all set to leave home…

  1. One point which no one in the media seems to be interested in reporting about is that this Bodyguard set which has attracted so many rave reviews has been designed and constructed by an award winning woman Production Designer, Ms. Angelica Monica Bhowmick.
    It is commendable for Mr. Atul Agnihotri, the producer of “Bodyguard” to entail the responsibility of the set construction to a woman since it is rare to find too many women working as Art Directors and Production Designers working in Bollywood. The general excuse given by many producers and directors is that since the job entails working long hours on set with a predominantly male crew of workers such as carpenters, masons and painters women would find it difficult to work there!

  2. I would like this man to leave his cushy life style and be taken to Central jail along with the other corrupt evil people.

  3. Singh says he is guarding Bobby darling’s body these days .Salman is paying close
    attention to Bobby’s behind if u get Singh’s drift.

  4. aww.. firstly he is looking hot!!! secondly if i lived in bandra this would be a rite oppurtunity for me to meet him since i know where he is gonna be in the next 40 days. NOW I JUST WISHED I LIVED IN BANDRA OR EVEN ANY APARTMENT CLOSE TO HIS SETS SO THAT I WOULD BE ABLE TO SEE HIM EVERY MORNING :)

  5. He has GUARDED some beautiful bodies in the past. So I guess the experience is there to deliver a fantastic film. He is already showing some great commitments to this movie which should pay off. Good luck. Mark and Cherie, u no wat I mean na? Over to you, three witches.

    1. Bhai Ram, what ever happened to the 3 witches, Kitty, Nisha and Lizzy. It’s no fun when they are not around. Come back please it’s all forgiven.

  6. M Dying 2 seeeeeeeeeeeeee this flick ”Bodyguard”……………this flick is gonna b”buster 4 sureeeeeeeeeee…….Beware Amir” n Srk”…….

    One Who ”Wins” Without problem it is Just ”Victory” but One Who Wins With lot of ”Troubles”…that”’s ”History”….”Bodyguard” will do that………coz as all of u can see that ”salman” bhai is doing sooooooo much hardwork 4 this flick…….

    sallu Rullzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        1. if u like intelligent comments please get educated u r self i like witty comments too..u r comments have been off mark as has u r buddy cherie pun intended

        2. yes Ram bhai” u r right….yaar honestly speaking i m not familiar with this language(Dirty language)…but this psycho man (shinekumar abcd) using nasty words 4 meeeeeee….

          1. You have done it again. If I throw a stick, will you go away? Hold on, have I misunderstood your line? Are you talking about yourself?

      1. i think this man needs rest…..take some rest…hehehe..hipeeeeeeee..

        srgay girlfriend” hw’s u??? hehehe,,,Laa..Laa..Laa

        the way u r using nasty words for me that shows ur family background…i dnt wanna loser like u r…sooo keep barking dogy..heheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

        srgay” n u need some rest…losers

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