And the cold war continues…..

Looks like Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra just have to take a swipe at each other. The two don’t mince words when it comes to reacting to each others’ statements. Bebo recently quipped, “I don’t think Priyanka is an actress!” When Piggy Chops was asked for a rebuttal, she coolly replied, “Everyone has their opinion, but I think Kareena is an actress.”

All this started on Koffee With Karan where Bebo made fun of PC’s accent and the latter put the ball back in her court by saying her style of talking came from the same place as Saif Ali Khan’s! Does PC’s thanda answer mean the cold war will now thaw? We hope not.

After all, who doesn’t love a catfight.

15 thoughts on “And the cold war continues…..

  1. I don’t like either one of them but my respect for PC just went waayyyy up. Way to be mature PC, show the little kid who’s really the “actress”. Let Kareena be the insecure, jealous, bia. Go PC!

  2. you know what i think i like both kareena and priyanka’s acting because it is much better than aish’s. Secondly, i don’t think they don’t have any problems amongst each other at and it just media creating this!

  3. kareena is super bitch ..who not enough by sahid dick so she want to suck n get fuck by muslim dick…bitch women with big h o l e

  4. Maybe Kareena still has feelings for her ex therefore seeing Priyanka and her ex hqppy together not digesting inside her. Kareena needs some serious heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp.

  5. Kareena is a mean person & said something very rude to Piggy but what Piggy said was not even mean, luv you Piggy Chops <3<3.

    1. look Vik you should not tell this wrong word to Kareena she is nice but i think shahid is totally non sense person who made affairs and causes broken the relationship between his and Babo.

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