Rani Mukherjee looks graceful on the cover of Filmfare, March 2011…

Rani is undoubtedly on a roll. She was seen on pretty much every magazine cover this month. I love this cover, what about you???

29 thoughts on “Rani Mukherjee looks graceful on the cover of Filmfare, March 2011…

  1. i agree with most of the people rani is a cad who has broken the family of poor pam chopra..did that lady deserve this..how can rani live with herself after what
    she has done..as for her looks she has been dowdy n frumpy from the get go n as she ages it is getting worse..

    1. This is not just about this case, but in general. Why is the woman always blamed for breaking home? Isn’t the man also equally resposible? If Aditya Chopra was completely in love with his ex-wife and loyal and devoted to the relationship, could anyone have broken that?

      1. u r right a woman should not always get the blame alone..but in rani’s case this cad witch has slept with a married man before govinda..so she is a opportunist witch who lures married men..which is the reason why most people hate rani these days..she is getting what she deserves n the cad’s movies r flopping.

        1. The point is why can’t the man’s strong personality refuse if a woman approaches with lure? If Rani lured married men, the men are equally responsible! There are many strong marriages in the film industry … Can anyone point fingers at Shah Rukh and Gauri?

    2. as long as adi uses a condom while he fucks rani chopra family is safe= they wont get a grand child from a whore that has slept with almost everyone and claims to be family orientated and living with her parents

    1. While I respect everyone’s personal opinion, I think this is a bit stretched … Rani was superb in “Black” … I can’t think of any contemporary actress pulling off that role so effectively … (perhaps Tabu and earlier, Shabana Azmi could do that.)

      1. i disagree with u aishwarya is the complete actress who can pair a classic act of paro with a sexy style diva role of dhoom 2..rani can never do both she is best at homely girl next door who gets the hero because of her personality type of roles..very bland

        1. so kitty now u r tina amazing,,,,,but u know wat? RANI is much even far better than ASH interms of acting en she still young comp to aunty,,,,,,,40yrs

          1. u silly cad i am not kitty or any one else look back
            a year ago i have visited off n on this site now i visit regularly..don’t be silly i am tina n that is my real name..i have neva used the name kitty..rani is vulgar
            stale homely girl who is long forgotten by the public..aishwarya remains a icon today n will years
            from now facts r fact whether u like to accept them or not..in aishwarya has the biggest fan base of any female star n that is fact u can do u r research there
            is proof..

      2. completely agree, sanjay was the only director that was able to show rani’s depth of talent and rani back stabbed him, and i think sanjay is the only director that didnt sleep with rani…poor rani doesnt know how to make good friends only know how to fuck for free with rich old married men

    2. ok yes that is so very true. She also sleeps around and even said it in a magazine that ones should lose their virginity before 30 or else its too late= shows she lost it long along and the guy she lost it to didn’t commit to her hence she goes around wrecking others homes. She also wanted to get married this year to adi who is fucking her but dont know how adi is able to convince her otherwise, he must be really good and fucking her at night i mean they live right across from each others house and adi is used whore himself…

  2. rani is a desperate pathetic ugly duckling she trying ti stay in news by having affairs
    and recently she remarked in the news about how she loves having lots of sex .ugly old witch should retire

    1. where did rani say this? Are u sure, i think she said she wanted a sexually active guy as a partner and that sexual compatibility is very important in a relationship and that she wants to share her bed with someone and not into dating like teenagers date

    1. i can see why abhi took her virgiinity then dumped her ass for AISH….rani was time pass for abhi and now rani is the fat ugly beast of bollywodd/private chopra whore

  3. shes very pretty on this picture ! 😀 i really like it ! though i really think its high time for her to get married now … rani , you will always be in our hearts , but please start thinking about your future (= we want to see your lovely kids , you know ? but just do one thing … dont get married to some dork face aditya chopra who looks 10 times your age -_- you deserve waaaaaaaay better , <3

  4. oh please, she doesnt lok old, shes loks lovely in the pic
    she is also one of the most talented actress we have today,
    unlike Ash and most of them wanab

  5. Rani is looking very old .it is high time this lady stopped chasing fame which
    unfortunately has eluded her she wants to be in the legendary list of heroines but
    she has to remember not everyone is in that list so she should hang up her spurs
    and retire and settle down .

    1. how can she settle down? she lost her virginity and talks about it in tabloids for attention, claims to come from conservative household but every night sleeps with adi who lives right across from her home….dont know how adi convince her to open up for him without marriage for so long, milking cow gives milk very freely

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