Watch the smouldering Deepika Padukone in 'Mit Jaaye Gham'

Phew!!! The much awaited item number ‘Mit Jaaye Gham’ is finally out. And trust me, Deepika Padukone looks like a million bucks in it. HOT, SIZZLING and SEXY.

Written by Jaideep Sahni and composed by the music director Pritam, the pulsating number, captivates with its music. Sung by Anushka Manchanda, the number will get you grooving, no matter whatever mood you are in.

Deepika’s look in the song has been kept very simple and natural. Her sassy moves have been choreographed by the dance director Bosco.

The scintillating number is getting a huge response from the viewers. She has the body, the looks to die for and the attitude. We are sure DP is all set to give the Munnis and Sheilas a run for their money.

16 thoughts on “Watch the smouldering Deepika Padukone in 'Mit Jaaye Gham'

  1. While not as captivating as Munni and the ravishing Malaika, the song matches the movie’s gritty undertones and Deepika looks quite beautiful and intoxicating. Definitely better than Sheila just in terms of substance and the acting abilities of Deepika who can actually convey a character unlike Katrina [no hatred intended].

  2. I think that this song interms of dancing and acting is far better than shiela ki jawani as it has more coreography and deepika shows the right attitude to the song but the song itself can’t be compared to Shiela ki jawani or munni as it is kinda dull. But otherwise everything is far far better than shiela ki jawani and depps herself looks awesome

  3. you guys stupid sorry for tha one but come on shiela is way better thn this come on i will enjoy dancing shiela than dum maaro dum it doesnt have a frigging good beat i swear shiela is better

  4. omg, this is better than i thought it would be, very catchy and deepika’s facial expressions are awesome, proper actor, well done deeps!

  5. this song is far better than sheila ki jawani i am sorry 2 al katrina fans i dont like deepika but this time she is more sexy than katrina the song is rocking this song is going to work for deepika about film i dont know becouse sorry to say but all abishek bachan films are rubish if the film will be hit than just becouse of this song

  6. OOOOOoooooohhhh ! this is sooooo hoott and seexyyy ! omgomgomg , wow ! deepika really gave her best in this song ! the moves are just amazing ! and the song is so catchy and just gets better each time you replay it , hahah ! maahn , im gonna go watch this movie just for her ! but the movie looks really good … if deepika is this hot , i can imagine how bipasha will look ! wowowow , i love it !

  7. i expected more…it isnt as good as sheila and munni
    p.s. i like both kat and deepika…theyre both good
    deepika is sexy but this song hasnt done her justice…the sonng itself isnt catchy though deepika is looking fucking sexyyyyyyyyy

  8. ………….ROCKING…wasnt expecting anything….thought it would b rubbbish..but its…soooo……..catchy…and special..

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