Rani wants to have kids….

Rani Mukerji wants to have kids and so the actress says it is very important fir her to get married.

“If you want to have kids in our country, you need to marry,” she tells a popular tabloid in an interview.

“And I want kids. It would be abnormal as a woman not to have kids. It’s a cycle that I have to complete. The next step in my life would be marriage. I sure hope God doesn’t make me spend the rest of my life as a spinster.”

We hope Aditya Chopra is listening to her… 😉

7 thoughts on “Rani wants to have kids….

  1. i wish rani will be married very soon and the god wiil give to her children,
    i believe that rani will be the best mother.

  2. Rani does not have the fan base needed to stick around any longer in bollywood
    she should stop chasing fame and get married first than have kids.

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