‘Sabr Ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai’… Kat's new Aamsutra ad campaign…

PepsiCo’s mango drink, Slice is back with a new Aamsutra ad campaign featuring Katrina Kaif once again. The ad will go on air on 19th Feb. It is heard that for the ad, Kat has shot in the exotic locales of Thailand. The new campaign focuses on the the thought of ‘Sabr Ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai’

“I am very excited to be a part of the new Slice campaign as it beautifully highlights the concept of indulgence for all mango lovers including me. Set in a magical, dream like forest, the campaign celebrates mango as the sweet fruit of patience. I also relate to the theme of ‘Sabr Ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai’ as it holds true to my life and my journey in Bollywood”, said Katrina Kaif.

Presenting you the amazing Katrina Kaif from the Aamsutra 2011 campaign which you are going to love.

23 thoughts on “‘Sabr Ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai’… Kat's new Aamsutra ad campaign…


  2. katrina is a cheap user…she can’t act or dance..i find the common girl to be more beautiful than her..salman made her star..soon she will be gone..

  3. LOL does anyone else find these pictures HILARIOUS? Especially pic #2, I think it’s begging for a funny caption! BTW what happened to her neck in that picture, they airbrushed her neck smaller than her arm! Looks bizarre!

    I prefer the first picture. On second thought, what’s with the goop on her finger? Oh my. Sorry, these pics are weird. LOL

    1. You know who looks HILARIOUS? It’s u who is Hilarious, stupid!!! You are WEIRD , idiot, that’s why you have abnormal reactions to normal things. Admit it, that you are envious of Katrina’s beauty…2 bad. You look Hilarious and Weird coz you are Ashwariya’s “Torn Panties”… Buh Byee Torn Panties, Cya later!!!

      1. your …………………..a street hooker with more visits to your privates…….than a Mcdonald’s drive thru………………..slumdweller from the streets of bangladesh …..ugly Bestyle………………..

      2. Coward troll with a new name, why are you so afraid of Kitty? Why do you have to change your name every day? Guess you were raised that way, maybe your mom used a different name every night when her clients came to visit your slum home? How sad.

        Anyway, I think your mom must have been a heavy drinker when she was pregnant for you because you’re also very dumb besides being a psycho. I said the picture looks funny and I meant it. Just like I said Aishwarya’s picture looks funny on the previous day, her arm looked weird in it. So how do you figure I’m jealous of Katrina, troll?

        1. Shut up torn panties, Kitty!!! You are jealous of Katrina, coz you yourself look so ugly, the torn panties you are. Don’t wanna hear your borrrrring chin wagging! So shut the fuck up!!!!

          1. How about this. If you don’t want to hear my comments, then why don’t you get off the site like you promised to do? Don’t keep coming back here with all your incarnations and fake IDs. No one likes you… try not to be too bitter, just move on. Good luck finding a website where you aren’t hated. There must be one… somewhere. Have hope.

  4. Singh wishes Singh was that mango in the pic so close to Singh’s angel Kat’s lips. Singh loves Kat in the yellow dress!!!

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