Priyanka's most difficult part in Saat Khoon Maaf…

Make up can to wonders… It can change the look of a 20 year young girl into a 90 year old grandma. Portraying an aged character convincingly, definitely requires more than just right looks. Priyanka Chopra, a perfectionist that she is, gets into the skin of her character of a middle-aged woman in 7 Khoon Maaf.

In the movie, PC marries seven husbands in the course of her life. Her character ages from 20 to 65.

β€œIt was a challenge that Vishal sir gave me. The transformation is very subtle. I observed the women around me and how they carried themselves in a certain age. There is no drastic change in my character. But the interim period of 40s and 50s when she is not young and not so old was the most difficult but Vishal helped me with that,” Priyanka is quoted to have said.

According to PC, playing a middle aged woman was perfectly OK, but understanding the psyche of her character was very difficult.
β€œAging was not bad, but for me understanding the psyche of my character was very difficult. I had to portray her in a way that everyone empathizes with her despite the fact that she kills seven people without remorse,” she said.

The movie has Neil Nitin Mukesh, John Abraham, Irrfan Khan, Russian actor Aleksandr Dyachenko, Annu Kapoor, Nasseruddin Shah, and his son Vivaan Shah playing Priyanka’s husbands..

The film, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, releases on Friday.

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